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How to Cook A Top-Notch Dream Hamburger

Fresh, delicious hamburger.


Spring is fast approaching, leaving many people itching to shake off the autumn leaves from their grills. What better way to prepare for barbecuing season than to read up on how to cook the perfect hamburgers? This blog will discuss how to select top-quality burger meat, the various ways in which you can cook a top-notch dream hamburger, and additional tips to ensure you have the burger of your dreams.

The Best Burgers to Grill

In order to have a good cooking experience, it all starts with what kind of meat you choose. Some might even argue that all the cooking skills in the world won’t amount to much if you don’t pick a quality meat. So, what exactly makes one meat of choice better than another? Well, for juicy hamburgers you will want to look for two important characteristics:

1. Lean vs. Fat

Select a ground beef that is 80% lean meat and 20% fat. These ratios make for the moistest and tender burgers. While you can purchase meat that is 85% lean and 15% fat if you’re looking for a healthy option, this can affect your burger’s juiciness.

2. Store-bought vs. Butcher-bought

The freshest meat will most-likely come from your local butcher. Meat purchased from stores tends to have sat on the shelves for a period of time, reducing its freshness and therefore taste. You might end up paying more for freshly prepared meat, but the difference in quality, flavor, and texture will by far make up for any additional expenses.

Preparing Your Burgers

Juicy cheeseburger
Juicy cheeseburger

Now that you know what to look for in securing the best beef for your burger, it’s time to look at how to prepare it for cooking.


If you opted for ground beef that has already been shaped into the iconic hamburger shape, then you can skip this part. However, if the meat you selected has not yet been shaped into patties, you will need to shape them by hand. The key to shaping uncooked, ground beef is to try not to over-handle it. If you compact the meat too much its tenderness will be compromised. Thus, gently shape your beef into firm but loose patties for optimum burgers.


If you want a hamburger that is rich in flavor, burger seasoning can go a long way in giving you the taste you desire. While there are endless possibilities for spicing up your burger, one seasoning that you can use is Champion Burger Blast. This seasoning adds just a little kick of sweet paprika to your final burger, making it the perfect, smoky ingredient for all family and friends to enjoy. Evenly rub Champion Burger Blast into your patties to automatically enhance their flavors.

Champion Burger Blast
Champion Burger Blast

How to Grill Hamburgers

Now that we have established the best burger meat you can use and how to season it, it is time to uncover the secrets to grilling an amazing hamburger. On a hot and well-oiled grill, heat your patties directly on the grill for approximately three minutes on each side. You will know the grill is hot enough if the patties sizzle upon contact. For an easy flip, use a thin, wide, and metal spatula to turn the patties over. After the three minutes on both sides have passed, transfer the patties to indirect heat for two minutes on each side for a medium rare cook. Slightly adjust the times depending on how you like your meat. When finished, immediately remove them from the grill and cover with foil for a few more minutes so that they continue to cook as they cool off. Serve with condiments of your choosing.

Additional Tips to Cook A Top-Notch Dream Hamburger

Check out some of our tips below on how to make your final dish even more impressive:

Keep your grill clean

Make sure your grill is clean and lightly oiled. You don’t want burgers crusted with the charred remains of your last grilling! Use a brush to gently remove old debris and then lightly oil the grill with an oil like vegetable oil, which has a high smoke point.

Fire grilled burger.
Fire grilled burger.


One way to keep your burger looking as good as it will taste is to “dimple” your patties prior to cooking so that they do not bulge in the center. Lightly press into the middle of the patties until the center is slightly indented.

Checking the temperature

When checking the temperature of the hamburger patties, insert the thermometer sideways so that it accurately determines the temperature of the center of the patty.

Toast your buns

Don’t make the mistake of putting your finished burgers onto soft, untoasted buns. This will lead to soggy buns, as the tender juice from your burgers will leak into the buns. Using butter, gently toast your hamburger buns so that they are crisp and buttery to prevent this from happening.

Being able to cook a top-notch dream hamburger will please all of your guests at any event.
Being able to cook a top-notch dream hamburger will please all of your guests at any event.


Now that you’re stocked up on the essentials for grilling that dream hamburger burger, it’s time to get grilling! By choosing the best ground beef, the perfect seasonings for your palate, and the right settings for your grill, you’ll be able to cook a top-notch dream hamburger in no time!