the best synthetic oil

AMSOIL Products give you the best synthetic oil for your car or truck

In 1972 AMSOIL synthetic oil became the first fully synthetic oil to be approved by the API for use in vehicles.  This first true synthetic oil to be marketed to the general public was capable of protection and performance that conventional oils just could not compete with. With their long lasting synthetic oil guaranteed to last 35,000 miles, AMSOIL launched a whole new line of synthetic lubricants that others were soon doing their best to imitate. Today, AMSOIL still remains the best synthetic oil on the market and is always looking for ways to improve upon their product in order to make sure that they stay that way.


Independent tests on synthetic oils prove that AMSOIL is the best synthetic oil to use for long lasting protection in your car, truck or motorcycle. Time and again, AMSOIL synthetic oil has been pitted against other synthetic oils in the four ball wear test and the NOACK volatility test, and every time AMSOIL products come out on top on the synthetic oil comparison test pile. It outperforms the likes of Mobil-1, Redline and Royal Purple in overall protection and longevity. Other brands can claim to be the best, but only AMSOIL can actually prove it.

Using AMSOIL oil can save you time, money and even help the environment out. The long standing synthetic oil myth out there is that synthetics simply cost way too much for the regular Joe or Jane to use it in their vehicles. Sure, synthetics like AMSOIL do initially cost a bit more than your standard conventional oils, but when you factor in things like extended synthetic oil change intervals, reduced maintenance costs and less oil waste, and you will realize that putting the best synthetic oil in your vehicle will actually end up saving you a ton of money in the long run.

Extended Oil Life

The synthetic oil change interval for most AMSOIL products is 25,000 miles or one year. Compare this to the 3 month, 3000 mile oil life expectancy of most conventional oils. This longer synthetic oil life expectancy means that you will be spending less time in the garage changing your oil, spending less money on new oil, and having less oil to dispose of. Considering that waste oil is cited as a major factor in the pollution of the world’s fresh water sources, using the best synthetic motor oil for your vehicle also means that you are also leaving a much smaller carbon footprint on the world around you.

Less Wear Mean Less Maintenance Costs

Research on synthetic oil and engine wear reveals that the uniform molecular structure of synthetic oil allows it to stand up to shear and heat better than conventional petroleum based oils. This means that when you use AMSOIL, your engine components experience less metal on metal contact and less sludge build up and carbon deposits. This leads to less wear on tear on your engine saving you money on repairs.

Since 1972, AMSOIL has been the first among synthetics.

When you weigh all the options, do all the comparisons, and add up all the other costs, it is easy to see why AMSOIL is considered to be the best synthetic oilfor your vehicle. Using Amsoil means uncompromised protection for your vehicle. It is a long lasting lubricant with a top line synthetic base that stands up to shear and heat along with super premium additives that help it resist acid formation, oxidation and breakdown. Use it in all of your vehicles and wind up saving time and money on changes, disposal costs and engine maintenance.