the best synthetic oil

A true synthetic oil is a lubricant that is capable of protecting and providing performance that conventional petroleum based oils simply cannot compete against. The best synthetic oil is typically a lubricant that is formulated with a top of the line additive package, coupled together with 100% pure synthetic base stock oils.


Independent tests on synthetic oils has shown these types of lubricants to offer superior performance versus conventional petroleum based oils. Choosing the best synthetic oil will provide long lasting protection for your car, truck, motorcycle, or machinery. Synthetic oils typically perform better versus conventional oils when tested in the Four Ball Wear Test and the NOACK volatility test.

Utilizing synthetics can save you time, money and even help the environment. The long standing synthetic oil myth out there is that synthetics simply cost way too much for the regular Joe or Jane to use it in their vehicles. Sure, pure synthetic lubricants do initially cost a bit more than your standard conventional oils, but when you factor in things like extended synthetic oil change intervals, reduced maintenance costs and less oil waste, and you will realize that putting the best synthetic oil in your vehicle will actually end up saving you a ton of money in the long run.

Extended Oil Life

The synthetic oil change interval is dependent on various factors, such as the type of service the engine is performing in. With that said, a top of the line 100% pure synthetic motor oil can outperform conventional petroleum oils anywhere from 2 to 10 times longer. In other words, for many years OEM manufacturers listed in the owner’s manual oil drain intervals of 3,000 miles. Today, one can purchase a superior 100% synthetic motor oil that can perform admirably anywhere from 6,000 to 30,000 mile drain intervals and longer. One thing that is critical to extending drain intervals with a synthetic oil is to utilize oil analysis. Oil analysis is the only scientific and safe way to maximize the ultimate performance from a high quality synthetic oil.

Less Wear Mean Less Maintenance Costs

Research on synthetic oil and engine wear reveals that the uniform molecular structure of synthetic oil allows it to stand up to shear and heat better than conventional petroleum based oils. This means that when you use a high quality synthetic oil, your engine components experience less metal on metal contact and less sludge build up and carbon deposits. This leads to less wear on tear on your engine saving you money on repairs.

Synthetic lubricants provide the greatest value.

When you weigh all the options, do all the comparisons, and add up all the other costs, it is easy to see why synthetic lubricants long term provide the best value for your vehicle. The best synthetic oil means uncompromised protection for your vehicle. It is a long lasting lubricant with a top line synthetic base that stands up to shear and heat along with super premium additives that help it resist acid formation, oxidation and breakdown. Use it in all of your vehicles and wind up saving time and money on changes, disposal costs and engine maintenance.