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Kitchen Essentials That Make Meal Cooking Easy

Flour is a diverse kitchen staple that can be used in a variety of recipes.

You’re hungry, your family is hungry, and you’re tired with no energy to go to the supermarket. You also aren’t sure if you have anything in your home to cook. If you have a few kitchen essentials, you can make a healthy and delicious meal. In fact, a well-stocked pantry, packed with the best kitchen essentials, can make meal preparation easy. Let’s take a look at the kitchen essentials that you may want to consider.

The Top 5 Kitchen Essentials For Your Household :

#1 Canned Tomatoes

With a stockpile of canned tomatoes, you can make an abundance of different meals. For example, tomato sauce, garlic, and a few Italian spices make a good spaghetti sauce which you can serve over pasta which you also have in your pantry. A little ground beef, beans, and chili powder and you have a hearty chili meal.

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Eco-friendly Kitchen Wall Coverings

Kitchen with eco friendly wall coverings.

Once you have remodeled your kitchen utilizing recycled glass countertops, refurbished wood cabinets, and reclaimed wood flooring, you can start to think about what is next for your wall coverings.

There are many options for eco-friendly wall coverings, from paint to paper. If you are remodeling your kitchen or just giving it a little sprucing up, going green in your kitchen does not only have to refer to the color of paint on your walls. It can mean saving the environment as well.

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What Does It Mean to Have a Green Kitchen?

Recycling can help the environment. Developing a green kitchen can make a significant improvement on your carbon footprint.

Most people know that having a green kitchen has nothing to do with color. Having a green kitchen means that you are aware of your carbon footprint and you are actively participating in doing something about it.

The amount of greenhouse gasses an individual emits or contributes to emitting is part of their carbon footprint. The term “going green” was coined in an effort to make others aware of the importance and the absolute necessity of keeping environmentally friendly for ourselves and for our future generations.

These effects have an impact on our health and the health of the environment. Many corporations are getting in on the “going green” aspect of remodeling and decorating as it appeals to the masses right now.

There are many areas of your kitchen in which you can go green.

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Eco Friendly Cookware Guide

Eco friendly tea pot and mug.

If you have finished your newly remodeled, eco-friendly kitchen, complete with green lighting and environmentally-sound wall coverings, there is only one thing left to do. It’s time to go shopping for your new eco friendly cookware. No kitchen is complete without it!

Traditional cookware may contain toxins known as PFOA and PTFE. PFOA is the chemical ingredient necessary for creating non-stick coatings for cookware such as frying pans. Although there is not enough information currently available on the risks of using cookware that contain PFOA, there is definitely cause for concern. PTFE is another chemical treatment, the most popular and well-known for treating non-stick coating.

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Unique Storage Ideas for the Kitchen

There are various unique storage ideas that can be applied to your kitchen to make it a calm relaxing environment.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. When company comes over that tends to be where people hang out. Lots of family time is spent in the kitchen not only preparing meals but eating them as well. You need the kitchen to be functional. Storage in a kitchen can be difficult. You want to keep the counters clear of things so you have a work surface while also keeping the things you use frequently easily accessible. Here are some unique storage ideas to help you make the most of the space you have in your kitchen.

Try out these unique storage ideas!

Store in plain sight

Keep your widely used pots and pans stored in plain sight with open cabinet storage. Have shelves right next to your stove so you can grab your pots and pans, as you need them. Do you have a butcher block kitchen island? This is a perfect place to put your knives or a knife block.

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How To Develop Confidence In The Kitchen

Cooking ingredients.

Cooking talent is not something everyone is naturally born with. Most of the best chefs around the world spend years perfecting their skills, learning new techniques and fine-tuning delicious recipes. They have been trained by professionals. Don’t have confidence in the kitchen? Step back and assess why. Most likely, you have little experience around the kitchen. A few very simple steps and you will be cheffing up your favorite mouth-watering recipes before you know it.

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Options For Eco Friendly Countertops

Small kitchen remodeling projects will have you kitchen looking great.

There may come a time when you are in the market for a simplified kitchen makeover with eco friendly countertops. Moreover, you may be in a place where you have a healthy lifestyle in place for yourself and your family, and you would like to incorporate that into your new kitchen makeover as well.

It is not necessary for a complete demolition of your kitchen in order to give it that extra lift you seek. Refacing cabinets or simply replacing worn and dated countertops is an excellent way to give your kitchen a mini-facial if you are not ready for a complete facelift.

Incorporating eco friendly countertops with your already existing healthy lifestyle is a win/win situation in that regard.

Eco friendly countertops offer many benefits, including lasting value, long-term beauty, good for your health, and beneficial to the environment.

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How to Choose the Right Shape of Pastas For Your Dish

A variety of popular pastas.

You might think that any old pasta works for any old dish. And it’s true that you can mix and match pastas however you see fit. However, some pasta shapes definitely work better with different recipes and sauces. The right combination can create a perfect dish.

Popular Pastas

#1 Spaghetti, Buccatini, Cappelli, and Angel Hair Pasta

Spaghetti is a long thin noodle. It’s perfect for heavier meat sauces because the pasta can hold up under the weight of the sauce. Angel hair is ideal for thin tomato sauces or even a pesto. Add a meat sauce to angel hair and you’ll have a plate full of crushed and mushy noodles.

If you really want a sauce that will hold up to a thick meat sauce, try buccatini. It’s a thick spaghetti-like noodle with a hole in the middle – like a long thin straw. Cappelli is a thin, spaghetti-like noodle. It’s ideal for broth-based sauces.

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