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Often Overlooked Places That Need Cleaning

Clean and polished dishwasher.

Everyone has places that need cleaning in their home. These places don’t get the attention they need just because they’re somewhat out of sight and out of mind – unless they smell. But, if you add these overlooked places into your calendar, you won’t ever have issues and your home will be much cleaner and fresher.

Common Places That Need Cleaning Throughout the Home

Stove Exhaust Vent

Most stoves have an exhaust vent above the stove with a fan that helps move smells and smoke out of the house. This gets very dirty and even covered in the old food and grease that are in the steam and smoke escaping. To clean the vent, first read your manufacturer’s directions.

Having said that, normally you can take it apart by unscrewing the screen. Soak the screen in hot soapy water, brush with a soft brush, and then dry thoroughly. Using a soft cloth with a 50/50 vinegar and water mixture, wipe down the outside and inside of the vent.

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Deep Clean Your Home Exterior and Yard

Spotless patio and pool.

There are some types of regular cleaning and maintenance that will help your home look better, maintain its value, and help you create the restful environment that you deserve. Your best bet is to always check your manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you’re not doing anything to harm your items during a deep clean.

Pressure Wash Home Exterior, Decks, and Patios

You can rent a good pressure washer from a store like Home Depot to clean your home’s exterior, desks, and patios. You can also look for a local rental supply company. It’s not hard to do. Just follow the instructions with the pressure washer and be aware of the types of sealants you have on your surfaces so you don’t damage anything. An all-purpose cleaner will also be helpful in the process, specifically one that is biodegradable and phosphate-free. To remove mold and mildew off of your vinyl siding, a polypropylene bristle scrub brush will also come in handy.

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The Ultimate Guide on Garage Cleaning

Garage cleaning will create a better space for your favorite luxury items!

Even though your garage is often hidden away, a place only you see, if it’s unorganized and dirty it can cause a lot of stress. Your children may even be scared to go in there due to all the hidden dangers from spiders and clutter. With the right storage solutions, garage cleaning and organizing your garage can be easy!

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Best Way to Wash Walls That Have Been Painted

Crayons can get on your walls and it is important to know how to remove these stains.

Once you have done all the work to paint your walls a beautiful color you want to make sure it lasts. With some simple cleaning maintenance tips on the best way to wash walls, your walls will continue to have that just painted look for years to come. You don’t have to spend any extra effort, just as part of your normal cleaning routine don’t forget the walls.

So while you’re vacuuming the floors take care of the walls too. With a brush attachment on the vacuum, you can clean the walls. After, go over the walls with a high-quality dust mop. As soon as you notice fingerprints or marks on the wall clean them off. Avoid using too much water. Sometimes life happens and there are stains on the walls. Here are some of the common stains and how to remove them.

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Cleaning Cupboards Like a Pro

Cleaning cupboards is important for home maintenance.

You can make your cupboards look like new with just a little elbow grease. Simply cleaning cupboards and shining up without doing any type of painting or refinishing seems like it wouldn’t work. But the truth is, most of us aren’t effective enough when cleaning cupboards – even when we think we did a deep cleaning. Follow these tips to make your cupboards look brand new.

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How to Deep Clean a Bathroom

Shiny bathtub.

Bathrooms have a lot going on in them. They get dirty easily. It’s important to know how to deep clean a bathroom so that it’s comfortable for your family and guests, but also to avoid spreading germs.

Steps to Deep Clean a Bathroom

Cleaning Your Tub

One thing to remember is that how you clean your tub depends on the type of material it’s made from. The best thing you can do is read the manufacturer’s instructions.

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How to Remove Dirt and Grime from Surfaces

Removing dirt and grime from painted areas will leave your pieces of art looking their best!

One of the things that makes our world dirty is the fact that we touch everything, and dirt and grime is everywhere. Fingerprints from even clean hands can dirty up things due to the oils we have in our skin. When you clean anything, consider the different materials that they’re made of so that you don’t ruin them.

Tips For Cleaning Dirt and Grime


Plastic can easily be cleaned using just hot soapy water or a high quality leather cleaner. Just squirt some dish soap in hot water, use a soft cloth and wipe the surface down. Then using another soft cloth, buff it dry. If you notice white bumpy areas in your plastic containers, the containers have been ruined from either acidic food or from microwaving or cleaning in a hot dishwasher. These are best disposed of or used for non-food purposes.

Painted Areas

Typically you can use a soft cloth with hot soapy water to get most painted areas free of grime and fingerprints. If the area is made of wood and seems to be getting dried out, try using a high quality kitchen cabinet cream followed by a lemon oil polish, or make your own with an equal mixture of olive oil, vinegar, water, and a couple drops of mild dishwashing liquid. Wipe down the area with the soapy cloth, then with a cloth that only has water. Finally, dry it with a clean cloth.

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Fireplace and Wood Stove Cleaning

Fireplace and wood stove cleaning is necessary to maintaining a safe living space.

Nothing is as wonderful as sitting by a beautiful, warm fire in the wintertime. But if you have not been keeping up with your fireplace and wood stove cleaning, you can end up with a big problem on your hands due to the dirty smoke that can get into your home. You can also inadvertently create a fire hazard. Ensure that you do these things on a regular basis to avoid those problems.

Have Chimney Cleaned and Inspected First

The best way to deal with your fireplace or wood stove cleaning is to have your chimney inspected and cleaned professionally first. A professional will know exactly how to clean it, and then you can work to keep it clean between cleanings. You’ll pay about 250 dollars on average and it’ll be well worth the expense.

How often you clean your chimney will depend on how much you use it. If you only use it for holidays or parties, you can probably have it cleaned less often, but if you use it daily, you need to get it cleaned every year before the season. In any case, every year before the season it must be inspected because animals can get inside and cause problems.

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Deep Cleaning – Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional?

Fresh & clean bedroom.

Choosing to do the deep cleaning yourself or hire a professional is a privilege that many people have but don’t use. They are scared it’s going to cost too much. Consequently, due to how busy most people are these days, some of the deep cleaning that needs to happen never gets done.

This causes lots of stress on the occupants of the home, because home is supposed to be a comfortable and safe place. If it’s not tidy and clean, it doesn’t always feel that way.

To choose whether to do the deep cleaning yourself or hire someone, ask these questions.

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How to Find the Best Cleaner to Polish Metal

Polish metal silverware with high-quality cleaning products.

Is your fine silver tarnished and grey? Is your precious jewelry scratched up and lackluster? Or perhaps you have a box of old trinkets that are forgotten and discolored. No matter the age or discoloration of your items, simply investing in a high-quality polisher can save your items, restoring them back into shining treasures. Metal treatments may sound like a budget-killer, but you’ll be relieved to know that they don’t have to be a huge hit for your wallet. In fact, many quality options are very affordable when you are looking to polish metal.

In this blog, you will discover how to select a quality polisher, what kinds of polishing tools you can use, how to make the most out of the polisher you do end up using, how to maintain a tarnish, rust-free item, and how best to polish different surfaces. By the time you have finished reading, you will be able to make an informed decision on how to approach cleaning your valuable belongings.

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