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Whole House Flooring Ideas

Whole house flooring ideas like this will have your home looking fantastic!

There are many features you should pay attention to when seeking out whole house flooring ideas. Durability is definitely a major factor to consider, especially if you have children or pets. Following are three of the top whole house flooring ideas that deserve special mention in the durable floors department. After considering the pros and cons of each style, your decision-making process should be much easier.

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How To Keep Hardwood Floors Clean and Shiny

This post explores how to keep hardwood floors clean and shiny.

After going through the huge effort of installing hardwood, you are probably wondering about how to keep hardwood floors clean and shiny for as long as possible. Here are the most important tips for maintaining hardwood flooring that will keep your precious floors looking their finest for many years to come. Continue reading How To Keep Hardwood Floors Clean and Shiny

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The Best Kind of Flooring For Dog Owners

Discover in this blog post the best kind of flooring for dog owners.

What in the world would we do without dogs? These amiable animals are always excited to greet you after a hard day’s work, and like clockwork, every morning you’ll wake up to a yearning look that will guilt you into walking them no matter how bad the weather is. Dogs will forever be the loyal companions of people, although it’s definitely a given that they will constantly be creating chaos around the home! Therefore, it’s important to choose the best kind of flooring that will stand up to consistent dog traffic. Continue reading The Best Kind of Flooring For Dog Owners

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Mixing Up Your Tile Styles

Choosing tile styles can sometimes be quite the daunting task, but these simple considerations should make your job much easier!

Whether on your floors or walls, tile is extremely versatile and looks excellent anywhere. There are so many ways that you can lay tile, ranging from plain, simple patterns to intricate combinations of tile styles.  You can break up walls with solid paint colors by experimenting with arranging tile in unique artistic patterns. Before you start, take a look at these “unofficial” rules for combining tile styles.

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Winter Hardwood Floor Preparation Tips

Floor preparation is an important part of any winter season.

Winter is upon us and that means a string of happy family gatherings, last-second shopping excursions, and frigid temperatures. All of that constant running around might let you forget about giving your hardwood floor some special TLC to prepare it for winter. Following these simplistic floor preparation tips will make sure that your precious hardwood floors maintain their glow through even the harshest winter weather.

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Tips for Taking Care of Hardwood Floors

Read on for more tips for taking care of hardwood floors!

The natural beauty of hardwood flooring is unparalleled. If maintained properly, this wonderful flooring can remain pleasing to the eyes for decades. Therefore, one of the worst occurrences in the flooring realm is finding scratches and dents in brand new planks. It only takes a little know-how about taking care of hardwood floors to maintain glistening, flawless flooring in your home. From protecting your floors to removing spots and stains, these tips will surely help you in keeping your beloved hardwood flooring beautiful for years to come.

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Choosing The Best Floor Style

Choosing your floor style can sometimes be complicated. This blog post will help clear up a lot of the confusion.

After deciding among engineered hardwood, laminate or hardwood, you have to choose a style. From dark to light colors to wire-brushed to hand-scraped textures, there is a large variety of different stylistic choices. Make sure to explore the entire array of flooring options so that you achieve the look and feel you desire for your home. In this blog post, we’ll review the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing your floor style.

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