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What is Heat Stroke and How To Prevent It

What is heat stroke and how to prevent it.

Keep your cool, stay calm and beat the heat to avoid heat stroke

Heat stroke is nothing to ignore – it does not mean that if you have it, you just get out the sun and into the shade, drink down some water and hopefully be on your way. In fact, heat stroke is a medical emergency. It occurs when your body loses its ability to cool itself, and you become totally dehydrated. Your body is no longer capable of releasing the internal heat out into the environment, and therefore you end up with heat stroke. This is when your body can reach temperatures of over 104° Fahrenheit. Ouch!

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Honey for Pimples on Oily Skin

Honey bowl with dipper and flowing honey.

Using honey for pimples on oily skin can bring relief for sufferers of this condition. Additionally, honey can also help in dealing with acne scars derived from pimples. Honey can be a resource of nutrients for the skin. It contains enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Honey offers anti-inflammatory plus antibacterial attributes. There is one enzyme in honey that contains a useful antibacterial agent in the form of hydrogen peroxide. This enzyme can help in the fight against acne scars. Additionally, honey contains sugar, which can act as an antibacterial agent. This can lead to a reduction in acne if applied to the skin regularly.

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Yoga : Basics and Why It Helps

Person doing yoga on the beach at sunrise.

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale…

If you are thinking of trying a new exercise, then yoga is the way to go. Unlike other sports or forms of exercise, yoga does not only strengthen your body but also relaxes your mind and motivates your spirit. Yoga is the union of the mind, body and spirit. It is being one with the universe, leading to unification and enlightenment. Practicing this exercise includes postures or poses, breathing and even internal cleansing and cultivating the life-energy as it is also a form of meditation.

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Aloe Vera For Old Stretch Marks

Aloe vera plant.

Aloe vera for old stretch marks is an old fashioned remedy. When supplemented together with castor oil, you get a 1-2 punch in the fight against annoying stretch marks. Pure aloe vera has historically shown potential as a natural healing agent and also found uses as an excellent skin softener and moisturizer. Due to its natural tendencies at moisturizing and softening the skin, it shows excellent possibilities as a natural way to lessen stretch marks.

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Is Avocado Oil Good For Oily Skin?

Holding a sliced avocado.

Is avocado oil good for oily skin? The answer is a healthy yes! Avocado contains fatty acids that are helpful for moisturizing one’s skin. Avocado is filled with useful nutrients such as vitamin E, lecithin, potassium, and other important nutrients which act synergistically in providing nourishment and help moisturize the skin.

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Health Benefits of Ginger and Lemon Tea

Drinking a hot cup of tea has many potential health benefits, aside from just making you feel great! A cup of tea (or two, or three) a day not only makes you feel soothed and relaxed, it can also energize you and kick-start your day. Are you ready to start your tea adventure? Then start with ginger and lemon tea, which is not only a great choice of drink every day, it is also a great alternative to coffee! If you are a non-coffee drinker then you are on the right track, and if coffee is something you can’t live without, maybe switching to tea every so often would be a great idea too!

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Benefits Of Colostrum Supplements For Adults

Benefits of cow colostrum.

Cow colostrum is the first milk that is produced from the mammary glands of mammals towards the end of pregnancy and the first couple of days after giving birth. Although the quantity of colostrum generated is of low volume, its high nutritional content is second to none and very easy for newborn babies to absorb. Colostrum provides whatever a baby needs to grow during the initial stages of their life. Actually, Colostrum has been typically known as mother nature’s first food. But what about the benefits of colostrum supplements for adults? Let’s discover more now!

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Is Cow Colostrum Good For Humans

Is cow colostrum good for humans? This blog post will hopefully answer that question for you.

Is Cow Colostrum Good For Humans?

We often hear the question is cow colostrum good for humans. This blog post will hopefully help in answering that question.

  •  Bovine colostrum is the premilk fluid that a cow’s mammary glands produce within the first few hours after giving birth (0-6 hours for bovine/cow mothers.) It contains life supporting immune factors that ensure vitality for the newborn. The bovine colostrum functions in potentially sustaining the activation as well as maintenance of a healthy human skeletal, nervous, pineal, endocrine, and immune system. *
  • Colostrum is a natural supplement that has promising medical research that illustrates that is can be potentially advantageous health structure and function claims. *
  • In many Medical Journals, there has been more than 25,000 scientific papers documenting Colostrum’s potentiality and promising ability to support a variety of common and vital well being factors in humans. *
  • There is a wide range of interesting information that you can source for yourself while investigating the promising benefits that cow colostrum could offer.

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How To Restore Healthy Gut Flora

This article will cover many aspects of how to restore healthy gut flora with probiotics.

When you have problems with your digestive health, you might have heard the word
‘probiotics’ being thrown around in relation to restoring healthy gut flora. Or maybe you have been on a course of antibiotics
and heard your friends and family, say, “Don’t forget to take probiotics”. But what are
probiotics and why are they so important as potential natural remedies for gut health? In this in-depth article, you will learn many tips on how to restore healthy gut flora with probiotics.

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