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It’s Summer Forever:Coastal Bathroom Decor Tips!

Give your bathroom the authentic atmosphere of ocean living!

Maybe you got a brand new escape destination. Montauk, Cape Cod, Miami, French Riviera – here you go! Or maybe you are just trying to build the chilliest, most soothing zone within your bathroom with nautical decor. Whatever your means and needs, we got you covered with these style tips for transforming your lavatory into a refreshing reminder of the wonders of the ocean. Read up and stay up to date on project Summer Forever, including a radical tip you might not be ready for, but you should totally consider in coastal bathroom decor!


Light shades of blue and green come to mind when we think about coastal bathroom decor. One of the easiest ways to give your bathroom a beach-inspired makeover is to remodel it with bright blue mosaic tiles. It will look stunning! But you can also adjust the theme to your preferred color palette.

If you like warmer hues, you can be inspired by sunshine and make yellow your predominant accent color. Your bathroom gives you license to be adventurous with color considering the amount of plain white (from your porcelain toilet and bathtub) that will be in the foreground. If you are in the stage of remodeling, you can pick darker-colored tiles in the beige to salmon palette, or even gray. Think red sand dunes, rocky beaches, and docked boats. Check out these inspiration palettes:

Sunny Summer Day:

Amber, soft yellow, egg yolk, aqua, aquamarine, arctic lime, brilliant azure

Elegant Nautical:

British Racing Green, Brunswick green, cadet blue, cadet grey, cadmium blue

Deep Ocean:

Cinereous, teal blue, navy, deep koamaru

Find out where your taste lies in terms of color, then figure out how to harmonize all the elements together. Have you ever heard about the 60-30-10 rule? This interior design fundamental tells us that your dominant color should cover 60% of your space, devote 30% to a secondary hue, and your accent color should only appear in 10% of the area. Generally, your dominant color will appear on your walls, wallpaper, tiles, hardwood floors, etc. If you want to draw more attention to the vibrant shades of your color scheme, you can spruce up your bathroom with black and white items that will make the other hues appear livelier.

A display of modest coastal bathroom decor
A display of modest coastal bathroom decor

Accessories in Coastal Bathroom Decor 

Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop.
Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop







Coastal bathroom décor does not necessarily mean seashells and wallpaper covered with little boats and anchors. These are all fine ideas for giving your lavatory the right atmosphere. But you can think outside the box too! A simple and inexpensive way to set the laid-back tone in your seaside bathroom is to leave a stack of cute, exposed towels as decoration in your bathroom cabinet or shelves. This will help you spread your accent color or secondary hue. Sometimes, being intentional about the placement and arrangement of common day-to-day items helps transform a space. Another crafty alternative is filling up glass jars and bottles with colored sand or bath salts to make the place even more enchanting. Oh! Don’t forget scented candles and oil diffusers. If you make your bathroom smell like the ocean, you’re on track for a very immersive and fun bath time.

Experience a sense of the ocean right in your house with coastal bathroom decor!
Experience a sense of the ocean right in your house with coastal bathroom decor!


If you can find driftwood furniture, think about getting a mirror, cabinet or even just a toilet holder. One of the simplest ways to get a rustic, cabin on the beach feel is to sprinkle little elements reminiscent of a shipwreck. While you are at it, find some woven accessories, like a wastebasket and toiletry containers.

Light & Clearness

The best ingredients in this recipe are natural light and clean air. Sometimes, we tend to build suffocating bathrooms to hide the very natural, but private affairs that are going on in the area. But to truly capture the breeziness and freedom of summer, try to find a discreet window that will let plenty of natural light in and help circulate the air inside.

You can magnify this effect by picking clear and glass accessories or adding more mirrors to the room. But perhaps, the ideal beach bathroom should come with an attached outdoor shower. Ok, maybe you are not ready for it, psychologically and financially. But you should consider showering under the clear sky! There is nothing more liberating than an outdoor shower. Well, yes, clearly, our ancestors are laughing at us from their graves, but there is nothing embarrassing about trying to restore the simple pleasures of life. Worried about the cost? You can totally DIY your own outdoor shower! There are plenty of tutorials online! Worried about your nosy, pervert neighbors? Well, you can build a little wooden fence around your shower. But don’t give it a ceiling, or you will miss out on the beautiful, bright blue, and clear skies. Too much work? Who said happiness is easy?!