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Small Kitchen Remodeling: Making Use of Hidden Spaces

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For small kitchen remodeling, making use of the smallest spaces can make the biggest difference. A small kitchen remodeling project is the perfect chance to utilize those little spaces that you might not have considered before. Give yourself more room and storage space with these tips for making use of small hidden spaces in your kitchen.

Island Paradise

Islands are the answer to almost every small kitchen problem. Islands come in a variety of shapes and sizes and don’t have to be stationary or permanent. As long as you have somewhere to store it when it isn’t being used, a rolling island can be the answer to so many of your small kitchen woes.

An island can act as much needed extra counter space, shelving, and extra storage. Simply roll it out when you need it, and tuck it back into its nook when you don’t. So many problems solved, and it’s almost too simple to be true.

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Secret Shelving

Secret shelving is an excellent idea. In almost any kitchen, there are a few inches of extra space either between the cabinets, in the space between the cabinet and stove hood, or at the end of the cabinets. You can order or have a custom cabinet built in that pulls out like a vertical drawer. This is a perfect place to stash spices and other small items, freeing up much-needed cabinet space in your small kitchen.

Double Duty Drawers

Not all drawers are created equal. You can make your drawers do double duty for you with some simple upgrades that won’t break the bank on your remodel project.


Shelf storage.
The various shelves and cupboards in your kitchen can all be used as storage spaces.


First of all, just what is the point of “vanity drawers” that don’t actually open or have a real use other than looks? For small kitchens, this is much needed real estate that can be put to use. That vanity drawer right below the kitchen sink can be transformed into a pull-out cubby for extra sponges and other small items.

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The top drawer in any cabinet can be lowered to add room for a pull out cutting board. This frees up a lot of counter space when you are cooking and helps the room feel less cluttered.

Inside Job

Every cabinet and pantry door is another opportunity for more storage. For a super simple small kitchen remodeling project, install racks on the inside of cabinet and pantry doors. These are a great place to store small items, spices, packets of seasoning, or small boxes and bags.

Kitchen decor.
Small kitchen with a creative storage setup.

Hook It Up

The space under cabinets is a very under-utilized area that you can make use of to free up much-needed cabinet space. Small hooks under the bottom of your cabinets can give you a place to hang your coffee mugs so they aren’t using any cabinet space inside.

An important aspect of kitchen remodeling is upkeeping the cleanliness and luster of your kitchen surfaces. Your cabinets will greatly benefit from the use of a high-quality cleaning cream that does not use harmful solvents, wax, or silicones. These toxic substances could cause build up and therefore negatively react with your cabinet surfaces.

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In a small kitchen, every little space counts. You can make use of the smallest hidden spaces to create the biggest difference. Most of these ideas can be done in any kitchen, and all of them are a great addition to small kitchen remodeling projects.