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Raw Hardwood Flooring Finishes and Designs

Beautiful raw hardwood flooring


Looking to make the most out of your raw hardwood flooring? Here are some ways to get that perfect and unique floor that you have always wanted.

Hand Scraped Raw Hardwood Flooring

Historically, raw hardwood flooring was made using special draw-knives to manually scrape planks smooth. Today, you can still purchase hand-scraped flooring. The blade used to achieve this one-of-a-kind flooring is unique. It is attached to a distinctive-looking knife that has a handle on either end. The carpenters draw the knife towards their bodies to take shavings off. The end result has distinctive scrape marks that do not have the uniform appearance of machine-scraped flooring. This results in an old-time, artisanal aesthetic that will be sure to compliment your living space.

Floating Hardwood Floor

Floating hardwood flooring is quicker to install than the traditional method of using solid wood strips because planks are not nailed down. Instead, planks are glued together or are made to snap together. These planks can be installed on a multitude of surfaces, such as plywood, concrete, ceramic tiles, and sheet vinyl. Floating wood floor is designed with 3 to 7 ply layers beneath them. A hardwood layer on top, called the ‘wear layer,’ is made of the solid wood of your choosing. The biggest advantage of floating flooring is that it is less vulnerable to sudden weather changes in heat or humidity. Also, floating wood boards are easier to install for DIY enthusiasts.

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Champion Soft Sweep Up-Right Broom
Champion Soft Sweep Up-Right Broom

For those looking for a fun DIY project, consider investing in unfinished floors. With unfinished floor boards, you receive the flexibility of staining and finishing your floors however you like. Unfinished hardwood is often uniform, due to it having been evenly sanded, allowing for an even, final finish. You’ll know exactly what was used to achieve that perfect finish, rather than trusting in a company’s finishing methods. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of making your floors truly your own.

Prefinished Hardwood

Another way to install hardwood floors is to have the finishing process completed in a factory workshop. Purchasing prefinished wood appeals to those not looking for a DIY project. One advantage of doing it this way is that sellers can apply more powerful sealant chemicals to the wood. This allows the warranty on the wood to last up to five times as long as wood finished onsite. Installation is quicker than with unfinished hardwood. Maintenance is also easier too since the floor will not have to be refinished in a small number of years.

Champion Dust Magnet Mop
Champion Dust Magnet Mop

Wood Floor Design

When it comes to the designs of the floors themselves, you can really play it up. There are many different options for designing floors. A few popular floorings are straight patterns, diagonal patterns, and random patterns:

Straight Pattern

This design is the most common option for living spaces. It is a classic choice, with evenly-sized and evenly-spaced boards running the same direction across the floor space. If you are looking for a traditional style, thin boards will leave your living space looking clean and uniform. For a contemporary look, choose a wide plank flooring. Wide plank wood flooring is a board choice that measures 5 or more inches in width. This will create a dramatic look fit for a modern home.

Diagonal Pattern

For those looking to liven up their interior spaces, placing floor boards in a diagonal pattern will do the trick. Without deviating too much from the classical appearance of a straight pattern, diagonally-placed boards add dimension to space. The boards are laid parallel to each other and at a 45° angle to achieve the unique look.

Champion Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner
Champion Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Random Pattern

A great way to save money is to use randomly-sized boards to complete your wood flooring. All pieces are angled in the same, parallel direction, but the boards themselves are of differing widths. Since the boards will vary from wide to thin, your flooring will have a more rustic and vibrant appeal.

In Conclusion

There are many elements that come into play when choosing the perfect raw hardwood flooring. All options have something to offer for the right interior space. There are choices for DIY-lovers and those who prefer a contractor’s installation. And there are so many different patterns one can use to appeal to personal aesthetics!