Wire Rope Lubricant


Wire Rope Lubricant was specifically engineered to improve and extend the life and the safety factor of wire ropes. This product is formulated to be a fluid type lubricant and has the capacity to penetrate deep into the core of the wire rope and to effectively lubricate all the parts of the wire rope.

What Exactly Is A Wire Rope?

Wire rope is an extremely complex and at the same time a rather delicate tool. Wire ropes are made up of a series of tightly twisted bundles of strong wire that are carefully wound around a core of either metal fibers or natural fibers. A typical industrial wire rope’s construction is made from a certain number of strands of coiled wires. These coiled wires are wound to each other in one specific direction to form what is called a strand. These strands are then carefully laced together in the total opposite direction to then form a wire rope. If the core of wire rope is made up of natural fibers, these natural fibers are then completely saturated with a lubricating oil at the factory where they are constructed. The wires and strands that are formed outside of the core are then also coated with a special lubricant while the cable is being processed. This double lubrication process helps to protect the cable during storage and during shipment.

Re-Lubrication Requirements

Even though wire ropes have been carefully lubricated during their manufacturing and processes, once put into operation, they will eventually need to be re-lubricated. Wire rope lubricant was specifically designed to outperform any wire rope lubricant on the market. Its heavy duty and incredibly effective chemistry will quickly penetrate deep to the core of the wire rope, thus re-lubricating any oils that have been lost during its usage. Interestingly, the natural fibers that make up the core of the wire rope will act as a reservoir for Wire Rope Lubricant. This reservoir helps to keep each wire rope strand protected and lubricated during its use.

Rust Protection

Sometimes it is difficult to know the condition of wire rope. One can be easily fooled because on an initial visual inspection, the wire rope appears to be in perfect condition. What is difficult to realize is that in many instances, the unseen inside part of the wire rope can be rusted. This inside rusting can be very possible if a low grade inferior wire rope lubricant has been used. To deal with this potentially dangerous and disastrous situation, Wire Rope Lubricant with its superior penetrating capabilities can get deep into the core of the wire rope, thus eliminating the potential of rust formation on the inside and the outside. It is absolutely critical to be sure that a premium wire rope lubricant that is designed for effective and deep lubricant penetration is used. Understand, keeping the inner strands of the wire rope free of rust and protected determines the long life and maintaining the safety of the wire rope. Wire Rope Lubricant is the choice of professionals.

Wear Protection

Wire rope users must deal with a myriad of potential and dangerous issues, such as metal failure, corrosion, wear by friction, cross-nicking, etc. Once a brand new cable is put to use, the factory installed dual purpose lubricant will start to disappear and lose its capabilities. It is absolutely important that the wire rope core maintain a constant supply of Wire Rope Lubricant to help eliminate and prevent fatigue and wear. Our Wire Rope Lubricant is the only choice for maximum protection from unnecessary fatigue and wear. It is designed to last a long time.

Preventing Premature Wire Rope Failure

It cannot be emphasized enough that Wire Rope Lubricant must be applied to help prevent any premature failure of the wire rope. Wire Rope Lubricant, with its choice of superior quality base oils and unique chemistry, was engineered to provide quick and effective deep penetration right to the core of the natural fibers of the wire rope. Also, Wire Rope Lubricant works on each individual strand, whether they are inside or outside, giving each strand the lubrication required to help prevent unnecessary wear and failure.

Long Cable Life

When you choose to use Wire Rope Lubricant, you are choosing a lubricant that is absolutely the top of the line heavy duty product that will extend the life of wire rope up to ten times longer with periodic and consistent lubrication. This is by far the surest way to greatly extend the life of your wire rope. If the wire rope is not put on its own preventative maintenance program and is neglected, this could lead to the wire rope snapping, creating a potentially fatal accident. Make Wire Rope Lubricant a priority product and think of it as an insurance policy against downtime. Wire Rope Lubricant can extend the life of wire rope by up to ten times due to its superior film strength. This strong film strength helps to prevent one wire strand from rubbing against another wire strand.

Ease of Application

Wire Rope Lubricant has a tacky characteristic which gives it a unique and very exceptional ability to adhere to the wire rope. Wire Rope Lubricant was designed to set up quickly once the product is applied to the wire rope. This fast setup feature prevents wasteful drippage and the annoying mess left behind that so many traditional and inferior wire rope lubricants give. The fluid consistency of Wire Rope Lubricant gives it maximum effectiveness at filling and penetrating all the spaces and areas of the wire rope, thus providing complete protection against wear, corrosion, and rust.