Water Based Coolant For Machining


Machine shops will benefit greatly by utilizing Water Based Coolant For Machining. This high-performance water-soluble machine coolant will provide the following benefits to any machine shop operation: it offers superior lubricity, it keeps metal cooler, it inhibits odor and rust, it is extremely versatile, it’s very economical to use, and the oil/water mixture will maintain its stability.

Water Based Coolant For Machining’s state-of-the-art chemistry was engineered to keep metal being machined at the desired temperature, thus preventing any unwanted metal expansion. This coolant’s ability of cooling metal and maintaining the proper operating temperature helps to eliminate inaccurate machining caused by heat expansion. When machining at close tolerances, Water Based Coolant For Machining is your only choice. By maintaining low temperatures, dry welding of chips is prevented. When utilizing this premium coolant, a trace of smoke should be seen going down from the tool. If the tool becomes hot and the coolant is not performing in a satisfactory way, then the smoke should be going upwards from the tool. If you notice the smoke stays around the tool, then the coolant is only doing a fair job.

When formulating this high-quality water-based coolant, a very robust volume of a specialized emulsifying agent was utilized to ensure a stable and complete oil/water mixture. This unique emulsifier will prevent small oil droplets from rejoining into large drops. Additionally, this unique emulsifier also gives this coolant superior dispersing characteristics. This helpful dispersing property will keep small chips that tend to stick together from accumulating and causing blockages within the coolant system. Water Based Coolant For Machining’s specialized chemistry immediately grabs up the chips as they are created and then flushes them away from the cutting area.

This high-performance coolant is formulated with a specialized rust-proofing inhibitor known as phos-x. With a concentration as low a 1 part Water Based Coolant For Machining to 75 parts water, it will inhibit any rust formation on parts and machinery, thus proving its effectiveness and its economy. This coolant provides extreme pressure properties due to the use of the unique phos-x additive. Longer tool life and a smoother finish is possible due to the EP qualities that are imparted at the point where the cutting tool comes into contact with the metal that is being machined. Additionally, the advanced chemistry in this coolant greatly inhibits the potential breakdown of oil products when they are mixed with water. This goes a long way towards eliminating bacteria growth and odors. This advanced formulation also helps to reduce dermatitis.

This high-quality coolant is designed using a very special and unique oil that provides this product with superior lubricity. This high-performance lubricity goes a long way towards reducing the forces generated during a machining operation, thus reducing power consumption. The oil’s unique lubricity property helps to speed up production work and also helps the tool provide a high mirror finish. Another value-added benefit to the superior lubricity of this water-based coolant is its ability to prevent dry welding of chips. This translates to increased profits due to the chips being accepted at the scrap salvage yard because they are not burned or welded.

This coolant is an extremely versatile product that was custom engineered to be used for machining a vast variety of metals and in such machining processes as reamers, drill presses, broaches, milling machines, turret lathes, grinders, and saws. This amazing machining coolant can be mixed at a rate of 1 gallon of machine coolant for every 20 to 30 gallons of water needed for most machining operations. Of course, it is extremely important when deciding what mixture to create to know before mixing the type of metal to be machined, the type of machining operation, and finally, the water hardness.

Water Based Coolant For Machining was carefully engineered to not only to provide superior machining results and versatility, but to also be extremely economical to use. To illustrate its excellent value, it can be used in a 1 part coolant to 50 parts water, or even a 1 part to 70 parts ratio, for grinding operations. Of course, water hardness will greatly influence the amount of coolant that is needed. It is always better to use soft water. To maximize and gain all the amazing benefits of this coolant, it is critical that the entire coolant system, such as the lines and the pump, are thoroughly cleaned before utilizing the coolant. The reason for this pre-cleaning process is to eliminate the potential of a rancid condition that may already be present from the prior coolant that was used in the system. It is best to clean the system with a superior multipurpose concentrated cleaner. A 4 to 6 ounce per gallon mixture of this multipurpose concentrate would be the proper cleaner to remove any scums, tramp oils, etc. It may be necessary to conduct some mechanical cleaning. A solution of clear water and bleach can be used for this mechanical cleaning, thus ensuring that you are starting out clean and fresh. Use about a 2 ounce amount of bleach for every gallon of water.