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Ditch the broom and use a real cobweb duster.

Finding an easy to use cobweb duster can be quite difficult due to the limited options available. Most people simply rely on a long-handled broom to get those hard-to-reach cobwebs that tend to accumulate on ceilings. It’s no secret that brooms are terribly inefficient at this job, and usually end up spreading around more dirt and dust rather than cleaning anything.

Instead of using a broom as a cobweb duster, it’s a much better idea to get a real tool designed specifically for cleaning cobwebs if you want to get the job done right the first time. The Wall Brush is just the tool you’re looking for. It’s not only the best way to clean ceilings of unsightly cobwebs but it can also be used in many other, even more difficult, locations.

A lot of people wonder how to clean cobwebs out of garage rafters. They are after all notoriously difficult to keep clean; they’re not a linear flat surface so cobwebs tend to accumulate on top of, around, and behind them. That’s why you need the extended reach of the Wall Brush. Unlike a broom that can only reach so far, the 76 inches of the Wall Brush can reach even the highest of rafters.

The unique bristles on the duster head split into many small fibers that are able to pick up and hold cobwebs and dust rather than spread it around the room. Unlike a lot of other dusters, the Wall Brush doesn’t just move around dust, it captures it.

Care and maintenance of the Wall Brush could not be easier. It splits apart into multiple segments for easy storage. No special chemicals needed. So the next time you’re wondering how to clean high ceiling beams, stop fiddling around with brooms and consider using a real cobweb duster to get the job done right.

Give cobwebs the brush off!

The Wall Brush brushes large areas such as walls, ceilings, and draperies fast. Long 76″, telescoping handle with hang-up hook allows easy reach to those hard-to-get high places. Soft bristles get rid of cobwebs without scratching.


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