Versa-Lube 424


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Versa-Lube 424 is an amazing and versatile performance enhancing oil conditioner and additive. Versa-Lube 424 can benefit the equipment operator by helping to reduce or stop oil leaks. It may help extend the life of equipment and of seals & gaskets. Versa-Lube 424 will help reduce friction and reduce wear. This high performance lubricant conditioner/additive will boost your oil’s ability to reduce foam. In addition, Versa-Lube will help reduce rust and oxidation. It unique high performance chemistry can help rejuvenate seals and gaskets. Versa-Lube 424’2 unique proprietary formulation utilizes the absolute highest quality, highest performing lubricant additives available. It will make ordinary industrial lubricants perform in a superior fashion and it will make specialty high performance lubricants perform even better.


One of the biggest culprits in the reduction of performance and standard brand hydraulic and gear oils is foaming. Foaming causes a multitude of problems in heavy equipment operation. Foam causes temperatures to skyrocket in equipment. These higher temperatures will snowball in a negative fashion, leading to excessive metal parts wear, cavitation, corrosion, oil leaks, and ultimately equipment failure. None of these issues will help reduce downtime. To combat and try to minimize these problems, Versa-Lube 424 is formulated to help solve these problems. Regardless of whether you use ordinary standard grade lubricants of top of the line specialty oils, you can benefit by using Versa-Lube 424. Versa-Lube contains the most advanced, highest quality non-foaming additives available. By adding Versa-Lube 424 to your oil, it will immediately help release air from an enclosed system, whether we are talking about hydraulics or gear boxes. By decreasing the foaming in your hydraulic oil or gear oil, you will greatly reduce heat. By reducing heat, you extend the serviceable life of you oil, of any seal or gasket material, and ultimately extend the life of your equipment.

Reduces / Stops Leaks

Versa-Lube 424 was formulated to help reduce or stop oil leaks that have been caused by damaged seals and gaskets. You can anticipate oil leaks to slow down dramatically or stop completely through the use of Versa-Lube 424. What is actually happening that is causing the leaks to occur in the first place? Foam in a lubricant tends to trap heat or act as an insulation, thus keeping heat in with both hydraulic and gear systems. Through extended heavy loads and use of your equipment, the foam tends to increase which leads to higher temperatures, which in turn will degenerate seals and gaskets. As seals and gaskets become worn or damaged, they are prevented from functioning (stop oil from leaking out.) To solve this problem with seals and gaskets, Versa-Lube utilizes a proprietary seal swelling chemistry. This unique formulation does an amazing job at rejuvenating seal and gaskets to the point where they are able to function again in stopping oil leaks.

Reducing Wear

Another benefit in using Versa-Lube 424 is its ability to help reduce wear of critical lubricated parts. Again, Versa-Lube is formulated with the absolute finest anti-wear additives available. Typical standard brand lubricants are formulated with the bear minimum amounts and quality of anti-wear additives. By adding Versa-Lube 424 you are in fact boosting substantially the anti-wear level in your hydraulic and gear systems. By using Versa-Lube 424, your equipment can now function in the most extreme environments and be protected because of the superior anti-wear additives in this high performance lubricant. Expect less wear, thus extending the life of your equipment.

Oxidation Resistance

By utilizing or adding Versa-Lube 424 to your standard gear oil or hydraulic oil, you are improving your oil’s life and performance capabilities. Versa-Lube 424’s high performance formulation utilizes heavy duty antioxidants and rust & corrosion inhibitors. Versa-Lube greatly enhances standard or traditional hydraulic oil’s ability to control oxidation, rust, and corrosion. The R&O additives found in Versa-Lube will protect your equipment and oil, allowing them to perform at a much higher level in extreme operating conditions. Typically, standard or name brand industrial lubricants very often are deficient in both the level and quality of key additives utilized in their formulation and manufacturing. Yet in certain situations, it may not be feasible to utilize a premium grade industrial lubricant because of oil leakage, hose breaks, or jeopardized heavy equipment. In these instances, utilizing Versa-Lube 424 is the perfect cost effective alternative in turning your standard lubricant into a high performance performer. In summary, Versa-Lube is blended utilizing premium quality base oil stocks, and a high performance quality additives, state of the art rust and oxidation package. These additives will improve anti-wear, increase an oil’s ability to fight foam, and help rejuvenate seals and gaskets.