Universal Tractor Fluid


Modern farm equipment not only requires a huge capital investment, it is in fact the lifeblood of your livelihood. The biggest fear would be downtime, which directly impacts your bottom line or profits. Today’s farm tractors utilize extremely complex engineered hydraulic systems that utilize micro computer processors that operate precision valves and pumps. These micro computers process and deliver commands quicker than the brain can even process them. It is a critical decision when trying to decide which is the best tractor fluid to protect these complex hydraulic systems. We’d like to make an important statement, and that is it is important to know that all farm tractor lubricants are not engineered equally.

Many conventional or traditional tractor fluids found on the market today are formulated with bare minimum basic additive packages. These inferior performing farm tractor lubricants which barely meet tractor specifications when used daily may create equipment issues leading to breakage, which will result in increased downtime and much shorter equipment service. A well known farm industry magazine called TractorLife.com has created a program to investigate and find the best hydraulic tractor fluids that meet and exceed OEM specifications. TractorLife.com believes this campaign will provide a much needed service to help the farmer in finding and utilizing the best possible farm hydraulic fluids so that they will be able to protect their equipment better and for longer periods of time. We are proud to say that Universal Tractor Fluid is the first tractor fluid in the United States to be selected by TractorLife.com as an authenticated tractor fluid. In addition, we can also say that Universal Tractor Fluid is formulated with much more additive chemistry than is specified by farm equipment manufacturers. This extra additive chemistry also was a factor in earning TractorLife.com’s authentication credentials.

Universal Tractor Fluid is formulated with a dual system wear protection concept. It offers protection for bearings, helical, spur, and spiral bevel gears and bearings, as well as the soft yellow metals in hydraulic and hydro-static farm equipment. For the well known agricultural farm equipment test called John Deere JDQ-95 Wear Test, Universal Tractor Fluid offered superior protection and performance. Test results illustrated very little to no wear for the ring gear and pinion. Universal Tractor Fluid also has a unique characteristic in that is has a slightly sticky or tacky nature. This tackiness characteristic allows Universal Tractor Fluid the ability to cling to gears quite effectively and helps to absorb shock load. Lesser quality fluids did not stack up in this test, thus leading to high wear scoring and ridging of the gears.

One major issue typically caused in utilizing lesser quality tractor hydraulic fluids is fluid oxidation. What is fluid oxidation? It is a chemical reaction that happens between the fluid and oxygen. When a fluid oxidizes, it causes the viscosity to increase, it leads to additive degradation, and harmful varnish and sludge formations. Additionally, fluid oxidation leads to foaming, which leads to higher temperatures, and also the forming of dangerous acidic deposits. This will weak the fluid’s ability to transfer heat IE. cool and reduces operational efficiency of the hydraulic system. Universal Tractor Fluid is a high performance tractor fluid that was engineered to withstand very high operating temperatures. Due to Universal Tractor Fluid’s utilization of the best possible base fluids and extra amounts of antioxidant chemistry, it has outstanding ability to withstand the possibility to oxidation. Universal Tractor Fluid offers an impressive 485 degree flash point. Because of this high flash point, it offers superior protection against the possibility of thermal breakdown and oxidation. It far exceeds what conventional tractor fluids offer.

Many farm tractor manufacturers design farm tractors with wet break systems. These break systems are housed within the tractor’s axle housing. Wet breaks utilize hydraulic farm tractor fluids to cool them during heavy loads and usage. Having the break system housed within the axle housing allows them to be exposed to extreme conditions such as dirt, mud, dust, and water. It is critical that tractor hydraulic fluids offer superior friction characteristics so as to reduce break chatter or noise while simultaneously having superior breaking abilities. If a wet break system when operating emits squeaky loud noises and also vibrates, this means that the farm tractor hydraulic fluid does not offer sufficient and correct additive chemistry. Universal Tractor Fluid was designed for maximum cooling of the wet break systems and formulated to eliminate break chatter and noise. With Universal Tractor Fluid’s proprietary robust additive chemistry, and with authentication from TractorLife.com, you can be assured of getting maximum protection and performance from your tractor’s wet break system.

Moisture and water can be very destructive to a farm tractor’s yellow colored metal parts and components found within the valves and pumps. With the presence of water or moisture, there is a high possibility of corrosion taking place, which leads to inefficient performance and the real potential of hydraulic pump breakage or failure. Conventional or lower quality tractor fluids do not contain the type of chemistry that can combat or eliminate water contamination or corrosive issues that will erode and degrade the yellow metal and hydraulic pumps. This corrosion causes scratches on the pump’s brass piston shoes. Universal Tractor Fluid, with its abundant and higher levels of additive chemistry, effectively will protect yellow metals from any water or corrosive erosion. Ultra Torque effectively protects brass piston shoes so much so that they are over extended periods of time of operation scratch and erosion free.

Universal Tractor Fluid, with its generous levels of additive chemistry, exceeds and outperforms all traditional and standard HTF fluids, delivers resistance to oxidation, will eliminate varnish and sludge deposits, protects seals, vastly reduces foaming and fluid temperature, provides amazing anti-wear protection, improves hydraulic system performance and efficiency, and eliminates wet brake chatter and noise.

With over 90 years of lubricant engineering and manufacturing, Universal Tractor Fluid offers you the farmer the ultimate in farm tractor hydraulic fluid that will protect the considerable investment you have in your equipment, keeping downtime to a minimum and helping you maximize profits.

Comes in 6 pound pail.