Ultima 2100 Extreme Pressure Grease


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The Ultimate Grease for Extreme Pressure Applications

Ultima 2100 was formulated to withstand high impact loads and extreme pressure applications. It utilizes an abundant amount of extreme pressure additives of the highest quality. When subjected to the industry standard Timken OK Load Test, Ultima 2100 reached past a full 100 pound Timken OK Load. Heavy equipment subjected to heavy loads and shock loading perform at peak efficiency. Unlike many greases with a high Timken value, Ultima 2100 delivers high performance protection throughout the whole range of load. Typically, specialty greases that are blended to offer protection from high loads will not protect from a wear situation when loads are more normal. With these situations in mind, Ultima 2100 was formulated with superior anti-wear protection that will deliver no matter the load. Most typical industrial greases available in the market will advertise statements like “EP Capabilities” or “Extreme Pressure Grease” while showing specification of a Timken OK Load of 50-60 pounds. In contrast, Ultima 2100 extreme pressure specification shows 100 pound Timken OK Load. The reality is, you can be sure our grease will not pound out, even under the highest load or shock applications.

Offers a very wide operating temperature range

Ultima 2100 grease offers extreme temperature protection. Typical greases show normal dropping points between 290 and 390 degrees Fahrenheit. Ultima 2100 grease has an amazing dropping point of 630 degrees Fahrenheit. For any high temperature applications that bearings must operate under, Ultima 2100 grease provides the necessary lubrication for industrial equipment operating in these high extreme temperature environments. This grease will not melt below 630 degrees. Ultima 2100 is a custom blended high temperature grease which will not cake up in lines or bearings.

When considering the operating temperature range of a grease, most major brand lubricant manufacturers tend to mislead. They like to promote their grease as “high temp” due to the fact they may have a high dropping point. What is important to understand for heavy equipment operators is that no grease is capable of operating continuously at its high dropping point. When we promote our greases, we like to emphasize the maximum continuous operating temperature. This is a much more accurate specification to know which is not misleading. Also understand, even those greases that are promoted as having no dropping point (clay or bentonite greases), these still have a maximum operating temperature. Ultima 2100 grease has a maximum continuous operating temperature of 540 degrees Fahrenheit. This turns out to be on average 42% higher than the industry standard of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature safety cushion that Ultima 2100 provides shows you how even under the highest temperatures, your equipment will be protected. Please note that at temperatures that regularly go above 450 degrees to 570 degrees , it is necessary to grease more often.

Highly waterproof Ultima 2100 grease is a water resistant grease

In environments where equipment, bearings, etc come into contact with water, Ultima 2100 will not wash away like ordinary greases. Not only is this grease extremely resistant to water washout, the fact is, it has the ability to displace water on metal surfaces. This useful ability will keep metal surfaces from rusting, pitting, and corroding. The true test for Ultima 2100 is whether it can maintain its very high extreme weather protection abilities in the presence of water. It was tested in the presence of 20% water, and Ultima 2100 was still able to score a 100 Timken OK Load Test, which is truly amazing for any lubricant. Its extreme water resistance makes it the perfect lubricating grease for many industrial equipment problems. For example, Ultima 2100 is used in paper mills where the environment offers extreme heat, water, and difficult operating conditions. The tougher the environment, the better Ultima 2100 performs. As noted above, Ultima 2100 offers the impressive benefit of the resistance to water washout. When investigating other standard greases, you will see greases promoted as water resistant with a water washout of 4.5% which is the industry standard for a waterproof grease. In sharp contrast, Ultima 2100 grease is 85% better than the industry standard. It scores a 0.67% on the water washout test. What does this mean to you? It mans that Ultima 2100 allows 85% less grease lost in the presence of water than what the industry average can offer. Not to mention that Ultima 2100 continues to provide the 100 pound Timken OK Load even in the presence of water.

Provides superior wear protection

Ultima 2100 is formulated with an abundance of high performance anti-wear additives. In addition, additives that withstand high impact loads are utilized. These additives allow Ultima 2100 to resist severe and continuous impacts. They also allow this grease to prevent wear, allowing for longer service life and preventing downtime. It is resistant to squeezing out and thinning out under extreme load conditions which thereby prevents metal-to-metal contact. In addition, unique adhesive and cohesive additives are added to the formula, giving it a tacky or stringy characteristic. The adhesive and cohesive characteristics of Ultima 2100 allow this high performance grease to withstand high shock loads without pounding out. Also because of its tacky nature, it creates a dust shield, preventing dust and other contaminants from infiltrating bearings. In the lubrication grease industry, the average wear protection spec is 0.65 mn. This is even with your typical Moly grease. Comparing that 0.65 to Ultima 2100’s specification of 0.33, you’re getting 50% less wear than the average industry standard. Why can this be important for the operator? Consider that when your grease can reduce wear by 50%, it is also reducing equipment failure and downtime which can both be rather costly.

Excellent mechanical stability

Ultima 2100 is a very stable grease. Excellent mechanical stability is a grease’s indication of long life in actual working operating conditions. Many industrial greases will change significantly in consistency when subjected to working conditions by either thinning or thickening considerably. Whether in testing conditions or in actual work conditions, Ultima 2100 shows very little change in its condition. Some greases when subjected to actual operating conditions become too soft, thus allowing leakage away from the area where the grease is most needed. Other industrial greases tend to become too hard, which indicates they might not actually reach the areas that are needed to be lubricated. Ultima 2100 is amazingly consistent and stable, which means in all conditions it will protect your expensive, heavy equipment.

Zero oil loss grease

Ultima 2100 is a zero loss grease. Almost all greases tend to bleed their oil. You might see a ring of oil when you pick a tube of grease off a shelf, or when you’re looking inside a keg of grease you’ll see a line of oil on top of the grease. This shows that the oil is losing its critical and necessary lubricating oils. What is happening is the oil is separating from the grease thickener. What does this mean? Grease is made up of basically two components, the thickener and the oil. The thickener is a carrier for the oil and the oil is what’s actually lubricating the metal parts that are being greased. If your tube of grease is leaking oil while it sits on the shelf of your shop at ambient temperatures, imagine what is happening when your grease is leaking out of the bearings that you’ve greased. Unlike most other grease, Ultima 2100 offers zero oil grease separation. It simply will not lose or bleed out its oil. You’ll never see the grease in the tube crack, you’ll never see oil on top of your grease. The reason for this is zero grease bleeding or separation, which is due to our 93 years of grease making know-how. Our process is proprietary, our formulation is proprietary, and the ingredients used are proprietary. If you’re looking for a grease that actually lubricates, reduces wear, and protects your expensive equipment, Ultima 2100 is the ultimate in protection.