Turbine Oil 32


Turbine Oil 32 is formulated with a high anti-wear water shedding chemistry. Turbine Oil 32 performs in a superior manner due to its excellent thermal stability, resistance to oxidation, its amazing ability to shed water, and having a long service life capacity. Additionally, Turbine Oil 32 provides exceptional anti-wear capabilities and protects under any extreme pressure situations, helping to minimize downtime

Extreme Pressure and Anti-Wear Protection

Modern day turbines require a high performance lubricant to perform under the most difficult and demanding environments. Turbine Oil 32 is a top tier high performance lubricant that offers superior extreme pressure chemistry. The EP additives blended into Turbine Oil 32 perform at a high level, especially during heavily loaded situations. For example, heavily loaded gear sets that are found in gas turbine systems can expect superior extreme pressure protection. For those systems that share the same lubricant for both the turbine bearings and associated gear sets, Turbine Oil 32 will provide heavy duty anti-wear protection, which is illustrated by the FZG Test that Turbine Oil 32 passed with flying colors.

Superior Oxidation Resistance

Because of metals such as copper and iron, along with heat, this combination can speed up the oxidation of an oil. Also, highly aerated lubricants are much more susceptible to oxidation. To combat all these issues, Turbine Oil 32 has been formulated with a higher than normal amount of oxidation additives that are highly resistant to oxidation. Because of this oxidation resistance, there is a minimal chance of deposit and sludge formation. This also helps in the reduction of acids forming within the oil, thus leading to much longer lubricant life. Turbine Oil 32 was put through the industry standard Turbine Oxidation Test and it reached an impressive 12,000+ hours, proving its ability to perform over a long and extended period.

Superior Rust & Corrosion Protection + Water Demulsibility

Turbine Oil 32 was designed with higher levels of rust inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, and anti-foam agents. All these high performance additives are there to protect against corrosion, rust, and maintaining low operating temperatures, which lead to low maintenance costs and a reduction in downtime. Turbine operating systems tend to have common sources of water contamination. For example, there is the potential for steam to leak in due to worn shaft joints. Also, steam can get past damaged shaft seals. Both shaft seals and joints are found in turbine driven pumps. Another source for water contamination can originate because of humid air that could be found in the bearing pedestals or oil reservoirs. To deal with these sources of water contamination, it is imperative that Turbine Oil 32 have the ability for rapid water separation. Without a doubt, Turbine Oil 32 deals with these situations with ease.

Versatile Oil

Turbine Oil 32 was formulated to be a high performance multi-function turbine lubricant to function effectively in gas turbines, combined cycle, and steam turbines. Because of its superior heavy duty chemistry and formulation, it meets and exceeds the many requirements for turbine oils, especially those high temperature operating conditions. Because of Turbine Oil 32’s vast versatility, it can be utilized in a variety of applications that require a rust and oxidation inhibited lubricant (R&O). In addition, Turbine Oil 32 can be used in lightly loaded gear boxes, mist systems, chain oils, circulating systems, as a spindle oil, and much more. Turbine Oil 32 is available in 5 different viscosities.

In summary, Turbine Oil 32 will outperform traditional turbine oils by up to 5 times. This is accomplished due to its robust and superior formulation which utilizes super refined base oil stocks, water demusibility additives, antioxidant additives, superior corrosion resistant additives, and a superior high performance anti-wear chemistry. Turbine Oil 32 will provide long lasting protection and performance.

Comes in 6 gallon pail.