Tree Shaker Pad and Sling Lubricant


Tree Shaker Pad and Sling Lubricant was engineered to protect and provide unparalleled lubrication in the tree shaker industry. In various parts of the United States, tree shakers are used for harvesting. Tree shakers come in a multitude of models and makes and each is designed with various features. Still, there is one common thread through all tree shakers in that they depend on the shaker pad conforming to the limb and trunk, all the while requiring it to firmly hold the tree so as to hopefully prevent any debarking of the tree. The most critical area lies between the two slings, where the power is directed or transferred from the shaker head directly into the tree trunk. These sling surfaces are designed to slide against each other, creating extreme pressures that will allow the head to move with its designed pattern during the duration of the shake. The shaker pads tend to overheat and cause “hot spots”, thus it is imperative that the correct lubricant is not only required but demanded to maintain long service life for the sling and shaker pad.

This premium lubricant’s specialized chemistry and formulation was designed to reduce any unnecessary wear to the trees. It utilizes a water-soluble solution that can effectively protect and lubricate the rubber,  all the while helping to maintain the rubber’s pliability and natural elasticity. This lubricant’s high-performance formulation allows the surfaces of the sling to move against each other so as not to create unwanted friction and wear. If friction and wear can be reduced, then of course heat is also vastly reduced. Rather unique friction modifiers are blended into this lubricant in helping to reduce excessive heat. To illustrate how critical it is to use the proper shaker pad lubricant that is not only effective but lasting and safe to use, take for example what can happen if the wrong lubricant fails to protect the rubber or reduce friction. On average, the cost of replacement slings run into the range of $140 per set and the shaker pads cost about $600+. Yet the real cost of damage lies in damaging of the tree. Worst case scenario, beyond damaging the bark would be “girdling” of the tree. This girdling causes a permanent and damaging effect on the growth and production of the tree. For an industry that relies on the trees staying healthy and strong, costly damage of the bark will weaken the tree and lead to the invasion of insects that will cause the tree to be weakened. Ultimately, the life of the tree is highly shortened if debarking occurs.

Tree Shaker Pad and Sling Lubricant’s one-of-a-kind chemistry is totally unmatched and unlike any other sling lubricant found on the agricultural market. This food-safe lubricant combines together an exclusive and proprietary formulation that utilizes food-safe additives together with highly refined and specialized base stock oils. This comprehensive food-safe formulation provides a product that maintains and retains a consistent lubricant and provides long service life. More conventional and commonplace sling products found on the market do not utilize food-safe additives and typically blend in the use of silicones that are found to be unstable and very difficult to maintain quality consistency. Another unique characteristic of this lubricant is its superior ability to lubricate and not become sticky between the rubber surfaces it is used for. Its high-performance chemistry gives Tree Shaker Pad and Sling Lubricant unparalleled lubricity, even when temperatures start to climb and the water on the sling surfaces start to dry up faster. This superior lubricity regardless of temperatures greatly helps the rubber surfaces last a long time.

During field trial tests performed on young trees with tender barks, rates of one quart of Tree Shaker Pad and Sling Lubricant to 25 gallons of water solution were put through the injection system. These young trees consisted of various types of nut crops. After multiple tanks were tested, the final results were quite impressive. It showed no discernible damage could be reported and there was no premature wear found. The lubricant solution was tested on both the shaker clamps clamped to the limbs and also tested on the trunks.

Directions for use: Add one to two quarts of Tree Shaker Pad and Sling Lubricant to every 25 gallons of water. This depends on the crop conditions. The dilution rate may need to be altered and depends on humidity, temperature, and shaking conditions. If new shaker slings are to be installed, it is best to pre-soak the working surfaces of the rubber with a 50% solution of Tree Shaker Pad and Sling Lubricant and water. Use this solution at least two or three times prior to installing the new shaker slings.