Tirego Tire Puncture Sealant




Tirego Tire Puncture Sealant is perfect for use in tractors, lawnmowers, golf carts, and any other heavy equipment that does not go beyond 45 mph. Tirego’s unique formula has been used for over 50 years. It can help reduce flat tires caused by punctures in the tread area or rim leaks by up to 50%. Tirego’s ability to reduce flats caused by puncture or leaks from rim or bead areas via its 50 year old proprietary formula. This exclusive formula consists of unique fibers that have been suspended in an extremely complex liquid solution chemistry. By reducing flats by up to 50%, you benefit in reduced downtime and increased operations efficiency.

Increased Profits, Reduced Maintenance Costs

Tirego should be part of any heavy equipment operator’s preventive maintenance program. Flat tires are rather costly and inconvenient to heavy equipment operators. By adding Tirego as part of a preventive maintenance program, it allows the heavy equipment operator to reduce downtime rather than sitting and waiting for a tire to be repaired. The cost of flat tires is high when equipment should be out earning profit. By reducing downtimes and operating costs, Tirego will help increase an operation’s profits.

Tirego is Safe

Tirego utilizes inert chemistry. Its formulation utilizes no harmful petroleum solvents of other harmful components that could attack or harm any aspect of the tire. Tirego will definitely extend the life of a tire by reducing and absorbing much of the heat that is created through friction in the tire’s tread area. It does this by holding and absorbing the heat within Tirego’s unique liquid solution. Next, the heat is dispersed evenly to other parts of the tire. Tirego will also help in keeping the rubber tire pliable and will also rejuvenate the rubber in a tire. Tirego’s unique liquid solution will cool tire temperatures, thus extending their life. When a tire bead welds itself to the rim because of rust and heat, the tire can be completely destroyed because of how many hours are spent trying to break the welded bead from the rim. This difficult problem is almost completely eliminated via the use of Tirego. The proprietary liquid solution utilized in Tirego contains state of the art rust inhibitors that go a long way towards ridding the metal rim from rust and corrosion, thus eliminating the chance of welding. Tirego absolutely contains no additives or ingredients that could pit or corrode metal rims.

Tirego is Easy to Use

First, it is important to know that Tirego’s special liquid formula will not release any dangerous, harmful, or annoying vapors or fumes. It is not harmful to skin and if Tirego gets on skin or clothing, simply wash off with soap and water. Tirego is very simple to install. Simply rotate the tire so that the valve stem is between the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock position. Next, release all air from the tire by removing the valve core. Next, add the appropriate amount of Tirego as specified in the Tirego usage chart. Next, replace the valve core and then add the appropriate amount of air pressure to the tire. Tirego is now ready to protect your tires.

Under Inflating Protection

Tirego was formulated to remain in the tires for extended periods of time. Unlike your typical tire sealants found on the market, it is not considered a “quick fix product.” Such quick fix products are simply there to get you down the road and then immediately wash it out and fix the puncture. Tirego is quite different in that it actually stops leaks by creating a pliable plug, thus preventing air loss from the tire. In fact, there is no immediate requirement to have the flat fixed. You probably won’t even know a puncture occurred. Such is the effectiveness of Tirego. It’s a quality product that lasts and works.

Extreme Weather Protection

No matter whether conditions are hot or cold, Tirego is not affected and continues to perform. The advanced complex liquid solution chemistry utilizes a state of the art and effective anti-freeze. This unique anti-freeze was specifically designed to change the formation of ice crystals that can occur in Tirego in below freezing temperatures. As outside temperatures drop, the viscosity of Tirego naturally tends to become heavier and thicker than usual. Not to worry, since after the first few rolls of your tires Tirego will return to its normal and standard viscosity.

Cleans Easily

If a tire needs to be removed and the rim removed, the Tirego liquid solution will easily wash out of the tire and wheel using simply water. No special cleaners or caustic solvents are needed to remove Tirego solution from within a tire.

Use for off road tires

Tirego can be used on various types of equipment. From the heaviest and largest earth moving equipment tires, to farm equipment tires, and even golf carts, Tirego will perform. Tirego should not be used in over road vehicles that exceed speed of 45 mph. At speeds exceeding 45 mph, any product that is inside a tire will cause imbalance problems at high speeds. Tirego will not seal effectively at high speeds. High speeds create what is called a centrifuge effect which will hamper Tirego’s ability to seal any leaks. Tirego is not a fix-all product for all applications. Still, it has been completely field tested over 50 years by satisfied customers. If you consider this product and use it as part of your preventive maintenance program, Tirego will help your equipment to perform at maximum efficiency. Tirego provides value and helps in reducing downtime, reducing maintenance costs, and helping your equipment operate at its highest potential.

In summary, Tirego is a fast acting puncture sealant. It lowers temperatures within a tire, thus extending the life of tires. It helps prevent bead welds and rim rust, works in both hot and cold weather, and is formulated with unique synthetic fibers.