Synthetic SAE 40 Non EP Transmission Fluid


Synthetic SAE 40 Non EP Transmission Fluid is a synthetic transmission fluid with an SAE 40 viscosity. It meets Eaton’s PS-368 latest specification. It meets and is approved for the extended warranty coverage for both Eaton transmission and Road Ranger transmission 500,000 and 750,000 extended drain intervals. In addition, it offers excellent performance for Spice and Fuller manual transmissions that call for mineral oil gear lubes or motor oil.

Synthetic SAE 40 Non EP Transmission Fluid is engineered with the finest synthetic base stocks along with state-of-the-art additive chemistry that will enhance and boost the lives of both the lubricant and the transmission, while also helping to reduce component wear. The latest high-performance additives blended into the finest synthetic base stocks provide superior protection against foam, oxidation, corrosion, rust, and wear. This heavy-duty formulation provides maximum protection and lubrication to gears, bearings, and synchronizers. Regardless of the temperatures, whether they’re extremely cold or hot, this lubricant is designed with a top tier formula that will withstand any and all extreme operating conditions to keep the transmission running efficiently and smoothly. With its synthetic-based formulation, Synthetic SAE 40 Non EP Transmission Fluid offers a -44 degrees F pour point and a high-temperature flashpoint of 460 degrees F. It covers a broad range of operating temperatures, which makes this superior lubricant an all-weather, all climate, year-round transmission oil. With its excellent flowability properties at below zero temperatures, all critical transmission parts get the necessary lubricant fast. Its superior flowability provides smooth and efficient gear shifting, improved fuel economy, less friction and drag, and a reduction in gear wear, helping to vastly increase the service life of both the lubricant and the transmission.

Synthetic SAE 40 Non EP Transmission Fluid is an extremely stable and consistent lubricant. By formulating both synthetic base oils and additives which are both thermally stable, you end up with a heavy-duty lubricant that functions at high levels in all conditions. If the transmission must operate in extreme heat, is exposed to shear stress, or there is a potential for oxidation, the high viscosity index and lubricating power of this lubricant are fully up to the task. Its high thermal stability and its capabilities in dealing with extremely high temperatures provide the necessary protection to the transmission that allows its service life to be extended. It will offer reduced operating temperatures, and because of its wide operating range does not need to be changed regardless of the weather conditions.

It is vitally important that vital oil seals are protected from damaging deposits and high temperatures. If deposits start to form and temperatures rise, both can make the oil seal degrade through losses in elasticity, which can result in premature leakage of lubricating oil. These problems may occur if conventional petroleum-based products are used. To avoid any such occurrence, the best choice is to make Synthetic SAE 40 Non EP Transmission Fluid part of your lubricating inventory. It is compatible with oil seals and provides them with the necessary lubrication to keep them in new condition and protect them from any potential deterioration. Synthetic SAE 40 Non EP Transmission Fluid’s advanced formulation eliminates the potential of deposits on oil seals.