Straight 40 Weight Motor Oil


Straight 40 Weight Motor Oil uses a unique combination of specialty paraffin base oils. This unique combination of base stock oils offers superior film strength. The oils have been highly refined, giving them a minimum of 95 viscosity index. Through this highly refining process, all unnecessary and undesirable substances are extracted from the oils so that they are free of any byproducts that could lead to varnish, sludge, or gumming when exposed to extreme high temperatures. These heavy duty high performance base stocks offer much better oxidation resistance, higher film strength, and superior high temperature capabilities as well as low temperature flowability. The specialized combination of super refined and low sulfur, sweet paraffin base oils give these motor oils high lubricity, high film strength, and oiliness characteristics not found in conventional engine oils.

One of the interesting concepts to understand about single viscosity engine oils is their ability to maintain a protective film of oil between two metal surfaces. These single viscosity oils are excellent at keeping metal parts separated from each other during operation. To the naked eye, internal metal engine components look smooth, but in fact, there are minute projections and it is important that a lubricating oil fill in the peaks and valleys and creates a protective oil film that prevents the two metal surfaces from touching.

Single viscosity oils form a thick enough film to keep engine parts totally separated most of the time. For example, if we take this thick lubricating film of an SAE 30 or and SAE 40 engine oil, and compare it to a multi viscosity engine oil such as a 5W-30, 10W-40, or 15W-40, the single viscosity engine oil will maintain a protective barrier much longer than a multi viscosity motor oil. Why? Well, multi viscosity oils are created utilizing viscosity index improvers. The VI improvers tend to shear or lose their ability to maintain viscosities, thus what was once a 10W-40 not is only a 10W-30 after the VI has sheared. As you can see, the film strength no longer is one of a 40 weight but one of a 30, since it has become a lighter weight. Thus, single viscosities maintain their film strength over a longer period of time.

Straight 40 Weight Motor Oil can be used in both gasoline (SJ) and in diesel engines (CF) specifications for single viscosity oils. If an owner/operator has both gasoline and diesel equipment, this one oil can be used in a multitude of engines. Straight 40 Weight Motor Oil is able to meet both gas and diesel engine specs due to the use of a unique chemistry that utilizes the finest high performance zinc anti-wear additives.

Straight 40 Weight Motor Oil meets and exceeds SJ and CF specifications. Straight 40 Weight Motor Oil will outperform many conventional engine oils by 2 to 8 times, meaning it provided that much more protection versus commercial grade oils against oil ring deposit formations. This oil will provide more than double the protection against valve train wear when compared with conventional engine oils. In addition, when the discussion of damaging sludge control is brought up, Straight 40 Weight Motor Oil will offer better sludge control than many commercial grade engine oils.

Straight 40 Weight Motor Oil offers incredible capabilities when it comes to fighting damaging corrosive acids within an engine. The majority of conventional and commercial motor oils offer poor TBN retention. TBN is a good reference to consider on how effective an oil can be at neutralizing damaging acid formations within an engine. This straight grade engine oil is formulated to offer superior TBN retention. This is yet another example of how this oil was engineered to outperform the competition. There are various ways to increase and create the TBN of an engine oil. Straight 40 Weight Motor Oil was engineered to get most of its alkalinity from the detergent value of the engine oil. Yes, this is a more costly way to manufacture a motor oil, but it is the most useful and effective way to neutralize acids. The greater the TBN retention, the more effective the motor oil is at dealing with the generation of soot loading within the diesel oil. The final result of formulating an oil in this manner with such a higher total base number means that the oil will perform effectively at protecting vital engine components and will do this over a longer period of time, thus extending drain intervals. This means less downtime and more profits.

Detroit Diesel has stated that they are typically not recommending engine oils that have a high ash content. With that said, in certain instances and exceptions, they will allow high ash content. Interestingly, Straight 40 Weight Motor Oil, with its higher ash content, will not cause a problem in Detroit Diesel engines. It can deliver less engine wear. It will keep Detroit Diesel engines clean inside. It can substantially reduce any deposits on the pistons and piston rings. It will outperform any other oils, including low ash oils, and doing a better job at neutralizing corrosive acids that occurred during the process of combustion. Lastly, it can minimize and vastly reduce piston ring breakage in Detroit Diesel engines. Choose the correct viscosity that Detroit Diesel recommends for your equipment and operating conditions, and at the end of the day, you will more than be surprised and experience many benefits using this oil.

Comes in 6 gallon pails, 35 gallon drums, and 55 gallon drums.