Skid Steer Tire Sealant


Skid Steer Tire Sealant is a specially formulated biodegradable tire puncture sealant. Its unique design emits no fumes of vapors, is safe to touch, and very easy to wash off. Additionally, its unique chemistry and biodegradability make it useful in areas where there is a possibility of water contamination. It is very easy to use and effective in difficult and extreme conditions. If the need is a tire sealant that is biodegradable, Skid Steer Tire Sealant is your choice.

This tire sealant can be used as a preventive maintenance product that will vastly reduce the possibility of tire punctures that could cause money-draining downtime. By adding this tire sealant to your tires, you’ve added an insurance policy against punctures. Uptime is vastly improved and this allows your equipment to stay in operation making money rather than losing money while you wait for a punctured tire to be repaired. Its advanced biodegradable chemistry was engineered to effectively guard against punctures in the bead area, tread area, and rim area. Skid Steer Tire Sealant was formulated to use in any tire that would not exceed a speed of 45 mph. It is best not to exceed 45 mph due to the potential risk of creating an imbalance within the tire. Also, speeds higher than 45 mph make it quite difficult for this tire sealant to effectively seal punctures. Skid Steer Tire Sealant is at home protecting large earth moving equipment, farm tractors, ATVs, UTVs, golf carts, etc from tire punctures. It is especially superior at protecting tires from punctures in such areas where nails or mesquite thorns could be present. Unlike many lower quality tire sealants on the market, Skid Steer Tire Sealant will not harm tires or rims. Its highly engineered biodegradable chemistry does not contain any harmful compounds, rubber, or petroleum solvents, and is chemically inert. In fact, this tire sealant will vastly help to extend the service life of tires. It accomplishes longer tire life by helping to control any heat buildup generated by friction within the tire tread area. Once the heat is absorbed and controlled, the tire sealant evenly transfers this absorbed heat evenly throughout other parts of the tire, thus ensuring no specific area gets an excessive amount of heat that could cause tire degradation.

Welding of rims can be a costly issue, but Skid Steer Tire Sealant protects rims from any welding due to its ability to control heat and through the use of a robust volume of quality rust inhibitors. Additionally, this unique chemistry eliminates the potential of any corrosion or pitting of the metal rims. If for any reason the tire must be removed from the rim, this tire sealant is very easily washed away from inside the tire rim without the need for any specialized solvents or cleaners. Skid Steer Tire Sealant is designed to perform safely in a very broad range of temperatures, especially extreme cold temperatures. Its chemistry is enhanced with a special antifreeze that is designed to change and alter the formation of ice crystals at below-freezing temps. More conventional and lower quality tire sealants tend to become solids and lose their performance capabilities in such cold conditions. This premium tire sealant keeps on protecting regardless of how cold or warm temperatures are. When temperatures do get cold, this tire sealant’s viscosity does slightly increase, but after only a few rotations of the tire, the product immediately returns to its normal gel-like consistency, keeping it ready to seal any potential punctures immediately and safely.