Semi Fluid Grease


Semi Fluid Grease is a state-of-the-art grease that was created from a vast amount of field testing, research, and development. The end result of all this research and technology is a cotton picker spindle grease that will resist dirt and moisture, is field-proven to be economical, will reduce or eliminate downtime, and is considered a versatile product, available as an NLGI #00 grade. It is manufactured using the finest quality base oils.

Semi Fluid Grease is formulated and blended using the finest quality grease thickeners and base oils. A well-proven and well-known water-resistant grease thickener is part of the unique formula. The base oils have gone through severe hydro-treating so that any unwanted impurities have been removed. The combination of thickener and base oils has created a grease that offers superior fluidity.  Regardless of how tough the conditions are, this premium grease will properly lubricate and protect. It can operate effectively in a broad range of temperatures with only minimal viscosity change. Whether the temperature is -20 degrees F or 250 degrees F, this lubricant remains consistent and effectively lubricates. It will not thin under extreme hot operating conditions nor will it thicken up during the idle time, allowing cotton picker units to easily start up during cool early morning temperatures.

This spindle grease provides superior water resistance. It eliminates any potential corrosion by forming a tenacious barrier or seal at the point of lubrication, thus not allowing any moisture or contaminating dirt to enter the lubricated surface.

For the majority of field and weather conditions, Semi Fluid Grease NLGI #00 is the cotton picker spindle grease of choice. This is a grease, but it is still fluid enough to provide the proper lubrication of the spindles. You can expect to gain very consistent lubrication even under the most extreme conditions of operation. This grease is long-lasting and heavy-duty so that you can expect less grease consumption and lower downtime due to not having to re-lubricate your cotton picker. It is a cost-effective grease with its high-performance formulation, which translates in helping your operations stay trouble-free and more profitable.

Much research testing and know-how, along with vast experience, was invested in the formulation and creation of Semi Fluid Grease, with the sole goal of giving the cotton farmer the highest performing grease possible. It is critical to keep equipment operating at maximum efficiency during harvest time. This peak performance can help get the cotton from the field to the gin much faster. By utilizing a superior cotton picker spindle grease that will effectively and properly lubricate spindles you will attain peak performance. This peak performance means that cotton is plucked from the bolls rather than torn or pulled. Significantly, this can help obtain a “top quality grading” of the cotton delivered from the field to the gin. The end result is more profits for your business.

This spindle grease was specifically designed to be the more economical choice and the more profitable choice of grease for your cotton-picking operation. It will allow the picking of more acres of cotton per pound of grease than any other conventional grease products found on the lubricant market.