SAE 40 Non Detergent Compressor Oil


SAE 40 Non Detergent Compressor Oil is a custom-blended lubricant formulated to meet a varied range of lubrication applications. Its superior and unique chemistry can be used in such applications as a drip oil, compressor oil, air line mist oil, spindle lubricant, hydraulic fluids, form oil, chain oil, machine tool lubricant, site feeder oil, non-EP enclosed gears, electric motors, and many others. Available in seven different viscosities, from SAE 5 or ISO 22 through SAE 50 or ISO 220.

Any conventional lubricant where the correct viscosity has been chosen for the application will provide adequate lubrication for very short durations of time. These basic and conventional oils would be sufficient as long as equipment operate with normal loads and during moderate temperatures. Unfortunately, in the real world of industry and machinery operation, loads tend to rise, temperatures and heat rise as loads rise, and these inexpensive conventional oils start to oxidize, deteriorate, and deposits begin to form. Conversely, a high-performance lubricant such as SAE 40 Non Detergent Compressor Oil utilizes only the strongest and highest quality base oils available. These base oils are put through a rigorous and specialized refining process that remove any unnecessary impurities that may cause unwanted deposits such as sludge, varnish, or gum. Wax is removed, leaving behind a finished base oil with a high viscosity index and superior high-temperature thermal stability. Also, its important to note that the specialized refining processes, the base stocks that make the foundation of SAE 40 Non Detergent Compressor Oil, give it a superior ability to blend with the high-performance additives that are formulated in.

Beyond the fact that the base oils used in SAE 40 Non Detergent Compressor Oil are resistant to oxidation, also added to the formula are robust volumes of strong antioxidant additives that further resist and eliminate any potential oxidation and give the oil extra service life, allowing it to protect and lubricate all critical components under the severest of applications and conditions. One of the very unique additives used in the manufacturing of SAE 40 Non Detergent Compressor Oil is its proprietary anti-wear package. It is a long chemical chain zinc compound that allows the lubricant to easily pass the toughest pump manufacturer tests. This well-proven anti-wear chemistry helps to reduce the replacement requirement of any parts that are exposed to difficult operating conditions. This anti-wear package will dramatically reduce downtime and wear, translating to a cost savings which helps the bottom line.

Maintaining and protecting oil seals is critical in the prevention of oil leakage and oil loss. SAE 40 Non Detergent Compressor Oil protects seals through the use of specialized seal protectors. These unique additives are engineered to maintain the proper seal hardness, thus allowing the seal to serve its critical function during extended periods of use. By preserving the seal’s integrity, equipment downtime is vastly lowered due to not having to replace seals. Also, oil consumption is kept to an absolute minimum.

SAE 40 Non Detergent Compressor Oil continues the tradition of formulating a lubricant that far outperforms similar competitive and conventional products. In all aspects of the formulation, it uses superior ingredients unparalleled in the industry. When it comes to protecting against rust, oxidation, corrosion, and minimizing foam, SAE 40 Non Detergent Compressor Oil uses only the best additives for the control and protection against such potentially damaging situations. Its high-quality additive package include robust volumes of rust and oxidation inhibitors. The fact that the base oils used in SAE 40 Non Detergent Compressor Oil have been hydrotreated makes these base oils respond extremely well when these high-quality, high-performance additives are blended in. The blend between the additive package and the base oils create a synergistic lubricant that gives the oil superior abilities to prevent rust and to prevent oxidation. It eliminates these problems and prevents any possible sludge or varnish deposits from forming. Resisting oxidation means that drain intervals can be extended and maintenance costs reduced.

When it comes to eliminating foam, SAE 40 Non Detergent Compressor Oil goes far beyond the minimum standard required to pass foaming tests. In fact, compared to conventional competitive oils, it uses 2.5 times more anti-foam chemistry than the industry minimum. Due to its anti-foaming qualities, you can expect lower operating temperatures, more efficient machinery performance, longer equipment life, and longer lubricant life.

It is important that a lubricating oil does not retain any moisture and water that it may come in contact with through cooler leaks, through condensation, or a myriad of other sources. If water is allowed to remain unchecked and not dealt with, it may cause unnecessary equipment damage due to rust and it also can change the fluid characteristics of the lubricant. SAE 40 Non Detergent Compressor Oil offers amazing emulsion breaking properties. It does an excellent job of separating water, contaminants, and foam. Specifically, in the are of separation from water, SAE 40 Non Detergent Compressor Oil is unparalleled. This demulsibility characteristic gives it amazing water separating abilities. This allows extended oil service life. This is yet another important example of what separates SAE 40 Non Detergent Compressor Oil because of its high-quality additives and base oils versus conventional competitive products.

SAE 40 Non Detergent Compressor Oil, due to its high-performance capabilities, provides useful and helpful versatility. It allows the operator to greatly consolidate lubrication inventories. This one oil can take the place of a myriad of oils, thus providing the benefit of cost savings and simplifying maintenance. It can be used as a general plant lubricator, used as a chain and cable oil, and many, many other choices already mentioned before. By using one oil in place of many different oils, confusion is reduced and makes controlling inventory and conducting maintenance much simpler.