SAE 30 Compressor Oil


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Compressors are not the type of equipment or application where utilizing standard or run of the mill lubricants will result in trouble-free performance. Compressors are prone to water or moisture buildup. Standard or traditional compressor oils typically are lacking even on a basic scale the ability to deal with moisture and water. These inferior grade compressor oils show only minimal water demulsification abilities. SAE 30 Compressor Oil was specifically designed and formulated to deal with the most difficult conditions that can be found in most compressor applications. Because of SAE 30 Compressor Oil’s robust chemistry and use of superior base oil stocks, by far it exceeds any of compressor oil on the market. It delivers high performance protection by fighting against issues found in compressors such as the presence of water or moisture. It offers superior film strength, anti-wear capabilities, superior oxidation resistance, and is long lasting.

Water Demulsibility

SAE 30 Compressor Oil has an amazing ability to separate from water. This characteristic is better known as demulsibility. Because compressor oils are expected to perform under long durations of service, it is critical they do not absorb water that they may come in contact with or that may have been introduced via condensation, cooler leaks, and other potential sources. If water is retained within a lubricant, the potential for catastrophic equipment damage because of rust and changes in the characteristics of the lubricant can be problematic. Rest assured, SAE 30 Compressor Oil offers the absolute in high performance ability in water demulsification.

Lubricant Stability

SAE 30 Compressor Oil utilizes the highest quality base stocks available. In addition, they are supplemented and boosted with higher quantities of heavy duty lubricant additives. SAE 30 Compressor Oil will resist viscosity changes, the breakdown of the base oils, it resists varnish deposit formation, it protects metal parts from rust and corrosion, suppresses acid number increases, and minimizes filter plugging. SAE 30 Compressor Oil is highly resistant to oxidation, which leads to a very stable lubricant that offers extremely long service life.

Provides High Performance Service

SAE 30 Compressor Oil’s proprietary formulation, along with its use of super refined high film strength base oils, helps to fight friction and wear. The potential for friction and wear are high during a compressor’s starting and stopping periods. By utilizing SAE 30 Compressor Oil, you are using a lubricant that has high film strength. This high film strength will help fight and protect critical components during starting and stopping by minimizing friction and protecting from wear. SAE 30 Compressor Oil utilizes base oils that maintain viscosity and maintain high film strength which are critical characteristics to have in a lubricant during extreme high loading situations.

A lesser lubricant would thin out and cause unnecessary wear. Foaming is a very real possibility in a compressor. Foam leads to high temperatures. High temperatures reduce an oil’s ability to provide long service and contribute to unnecessary component wear. SAE 30 Compressor Oil utilizes heavy duty anti-foam agents that effectively reduce the chance of foaming, thus maintaining proper temperature environment, which allows the oil to perform a long service life, along with letting the oil reduce and minimize wear. All in all, SAE 30 Compressor Oil will protect bearings and other critical parts in compressors.

Screw Compressors

Screw compressors utilize inter-meshing rotors. These rotors never actually come in contact or touch each other. When comparing to operating temperatures of a screw compressor to a vane compressor, it should be noted that the operating temperature is lower in a screw compressor. The reason for this is that in a screw compressor, the compression process is a major source of heat. Thus, because of the lower temperatures in a screw compressor, compressor oils typically provide longer service life than they do in vane compressors. For screw compressors, SAE 30 Compressor Oil comes in three weights: SAE 10 (ISO 32), SAE 15 (ISO 46), AND SAE 20 (ISO 68). These three viscosities are typically what is recommended by screw compressor manufacturers.

Flooded Vane Compressors

Flooded vane compressors create an environment that is severe. Flooded vane compressors are designed to function with high rotational speeds. These high rotational speeds can generate tremendous friction. Because of this tough environment, compressor oils need to be designed to hold up in very high temperatures and a compressor oil must withstand tremendous shearing action. SAE 30 Compressor Oil was designed to operate in the toughest and most severe conditions imaginable.

Our philosophy is to create lubricants that far surpass their ability to perform in the most extreme conditions. Flooded vane compressors are challenging for lubricants, but not for SAE 30 Compressor Oil. SAE 30 Compressor Oil’s chemistry contains the finest possible heavy duty base stock oils that have been super and severely refined. This refining process vastly improves the oil’s ability to last and perform under the highest and most severe operating conditions. The additive package is second to none, which includes anti-wear additives, antioxidant additives, and rust and corrosion additives. The whole package is extremely shear resistant. Most flooded rotary vane compressor manufacturers require the following viscosities, which are SAE 10 (ISO 32), SAE 15 (ISO 46), and SAE 20 (ISO 68), all available from SAE 30 Compressor Oil.

Reciprocating Compressors

Reciprocating compressor units are still the most popular compressors in use throughout the industry. Reciprocating compressors all are designed to function in the same basic way. These compressors require a few unique lubrication and maintenance requirements. Under most normal operating conditions, reciprocating compressors typically require and SAE 30 (ISO 100) oil. This viscosity is the common choice to be used in the crankcase and on the valve side of the compressor. If the reciprocating compressor needs to be operated in colder temperatures, you may need to consider utilizing a lighter viscosity compressor oil, such as SAE 20 (ISO 68) for the crankcase and/or valve side of the compressor.

SAE 30 Compressor Oil’s superior formulation is the perfect choice for reciprocating compressors. It will provide long service life by maintaining a clean crankcase, and it will keep valves, rings, and cylinders operating efficiently. This oil will keep your compressor operating trouble-free and you can expect low maintenance costs as a result. In summary, SAE 30 Compressor Oil is a multi-equipment lubricant. It can be used in flooded vane compressors, screw compressors, and reciprocating compressors. Its superior additive package maintains lower operating temperatures, reduces friction and wear, offers excellent water demulsibility, is extremely stable, and is a long life lubricant.

Also available in SAE 10, SAE 15, and SAE 20 viscosities.

Available in 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails.