Roller Chain Lubricant


Roller Chain Lubricant is a multi-function open gear lubricant in an easy to use aerosol container. By utilizing Moly in the formulation, it allows this thick tacky lubricant to stay put where applied and provide load protection. It has developed a loyal customer following for those users requiring their industrial chains to be protected. This lubricant has earned a reputation for protecting industrial chains better and more effectively than any other such product on the market.

Due to the severe and difficult environments that chains are forced to operate in, Roller Chain Lubricant effectively can penetrate and protect all the myriad of components that make up a chain, such as the plates, the pins, and all their contact points. Because industrial chains are so time consuming to replace, thus causing profit robbing downtime, this lubricant is a champion at providing the necessary lubrication and protection an industrial chain needs, thus allowing chains to operate over very long periods of time without failure. Roller Chain Lubricant was engineered utilizing a proprietary and exclusive formula. This special formula gives Roller Chain Lubricant the unique ability to stretch in all applications, thus guaranteeing that all surfaces stay protected and lubricated. Roller Chain Lubricant with Moly is an incredibly versatile lubricant that can be used in a wide array of applications such as cranes, winches, cables, gears, plows, bulldozers, road graters, scrapers, press fittings, air conditioning units, foundries, etc.

It has found a home in many different industrial industries such as automotive manufacturing, farming operations, heavy machinery operators, road construction contractors, paving & asphalt plants, automotive & motorcycle repair shops, amusement parks, industrial manufacturing, metal industries, airport terminals, and HVAC repair businesses. Roller Chain Lubricant provides superior wear protection, will greatly extend gear and chain life, will penetrate moving parts such as pins and plates on chains, reduces wear and friction, clings and sticks to metal surfaces, contains Moly to help protect under lightly loaded conditions, and it is very versatile and easy to apply due to it being an aerosol lubricant.