Rock Drill Oil 100


Rock Drill Oil 100 is one of our most useful and multi-task lubricants in our entire lineup. The historical creation of Rock Drill Oil 100 originated from a formula that was designed for the well drilling industry. It was utilized in those situations for many, many years. Throughout that time, we continually improved, modified, and tried to constantly make a superior formula and product. Some of the important characteristics of Rock Drill Oil are its superior film strength, its ability to operate under extreme pressure, and its high performance anti-wear chemistry which was engineered to help in reducing friction and wear. Because of its many years of evolution, Rock Drill Oil 100 is extremely useful and versatile in the many applications it can be used in. For example, it provides excellent lubricant performance in chains, gear drives, drilling, stamping, enclosed gear sets, reduction gears, slides / ways, as drawing fluids, or for planers and boring mills. Any large industrial or heavy equipment operation should consider the use of Rock Drill Oil because of its vast versatility which may help you simplify your lubricant inventory by eliminating a large number of products in the hope of reducing inventory and product misapplication.

High Performance Base Oils

In formulating Rock Drill Oil 100, only the finest quality specialized hydro-treated base stock oils are utilized. These unique hydro-treated base oils work in harmony with the unique additive chemistry , creating a synergistic lubricant. As always, when having a philosophy of creating a superior product, this approach brings many useful benefits to the user. In the case of Rock Drill Oil 100, you can expect the oil not to create sludge, varnish, or gum buildup within your machinery system. Cleanliness through the use of Rock Drill Oil 100 means an efficient operating system.

Extreme Pressure Protection

Rock Drill Oil 100 is formulated to help operating systems withstand any potential extreme pressure or shock load experiences. Through the use of specialized and quality extreme pressure additives, and utilizing high film strength base oils, metal-to-metal contact is minimized when components are exposed to extreme pressure or high load situations. Regardless of whether the metal surfaces of your components are exposed to heavy loads, shock loads, or extreme pressure loads, whether the surfaces are sliding, rotating, pressing, or pounding, Rock Drill Oil 100 provides the critical lubricant protection that is required.

High Performance Additive Chemistry

Rock Drill Oil 100 is formulated utilizing top tier rust inhibitors, non foaming additives, oxidation inhibitors, anti-wear additives, and extreme pressure additives. When considering the important non foaming additives that are blended into Rock Drill Oil, it is important to understand their function, especially when this lubricant is used for air tools and gear boxes. When the operating system is running at maximum capacity, foaming can occur. Foaming acts as an insulator, trapping the heat that is generated, which then leads to wear of metal surfaces. Because of the high quality and effectiveness of Rock Drill Oil 100’s non foaming agents, the possibility of high foaming occurring in the your operating system is minimal at best, temperatures will drop, and wear will be reduced to a bare minimum. The oxidation inhibitors that have been chosen for Rock Drill Oil help increase the operating life of the oil by vastly minimizing the oil’s degradation due to oxidation. To prevent and minimize rusting, this lubricant utilizes state of the art rust inhibitors that are designed to protect critical parts operating in extreme conditions.

Rock Drill Oil 100 is incredibly useful. Consider its use as a fantastic way lube, rock drill oil, gear box oil, stamping lubricant, chain and cable oil, and general purpose machinery lubricant. To create such a versatile and multipurpose lubricant requires a sophisticated and complex formula that can function throughout a vast range of applications and requirements. Such requirements and applications would include enclosed gear sets, reduction gears, and many other applications. In summary, Rock Drill Oil 100 performs at a high level due to its highly boosted anti wear chemistry, the use of superior high film strength base oils, its utilization of heavy duty extreme pressure additives, all in all creating a complete lubricant package that can function and perform under the harshest and most difficult conditions. Rock Drill Oil is available in 3 viscosity grades : SAE 10, 20, 30.