Red Spray Grease


Red Spray Grease is like having grease in the palm of your hand. Inside a can of Red Spray Grease is the finest grease available on the market. No other competitor offers such an extraordinary high-performance grease in an aerosol can. Red Spray Grease can be used in a multitude of applications, such as hinges, pulleys, threads, cables, conveyors, tracks, fifth wheels, pre-assembly chains, etc.

Extreme Pressure & Shock Load Protection

Red Spray Grease offers excellent extreme pressure capabilities. It will not pound out during violent or jolted applications. It will not leave parts exposed to wear and possibly failure. Red Spray Grease was formulated to stand up to extreme pressure and extreme shock loads.

Superior Anti-Wear Performance

Red Spray Grease excels in reducing wear between metal surfaces. It utilizes friction reducing additives and anti wear additive that work together to protect two metal surfaces from contacting each other. By reducing friction and wear, heat and temperatures are lowered. The end result is that equipment life is extended and grease consumption reduced.

Excellent Water Resistance

Many heavy equipment operators require that a grease have the ability to stay where it is applied and also have the ability to withstand direct contact with water and moisture, even in applications where the component may be submerged in water. Red Spray Grease was engineered to provide excellent water resistance. Red Spray Grease will protect the parts it is applied to even if they’re exposed to copious amounts of water.


When Red Spray Grease is sprayed on the application, the grease offers excellent adhesive characteristics, tackiness, and superior clingability. This means Red Spray Grease will stick and cling to the components it is supposed to protect. The grease will do its job by sticking to the metal parts tenaciously, acting as a contamination barrier and protecting the parts from any heavy shock loads. This tacky and adhesive characteristic is also useful under exposure to heavy water.

Unique Formula

This lubricant has been formulated utilizing the absolute finest base oil stocks, the ultimate in rust and oxidation additives, heavy-duty extreme pressure additives, cushioning agents, and anti-wear additives. The have been all blended together to form an extreme pressure, water-resistant lubricant.


To recap, Red Spray Grease can be used in a multitude of applications. It comes with a convenient mixing ball and utilizes a spray anyway valve. It provides a quick and easy way to apply grease, the grease stays put, its extremely water-resistant, and it withstands extreme pressure and shock loads.