Red High Temp Grease


Red High Temp Grease is a no-melt, high-temperature grease formulated to reduce friction and wear, thus improving and extending the life of critical parts. Red High Temp Grease was designed for high temperature operating environments and would be a better choice than your conventional soap-based greases. By utilizing this high-performance grease, expect lower downtime and the need for fewer replacement parts, leading to improved profits.

Due to its unique chemistry, which is a combination of inorganic clay and high-temperature additive chemistry, Red High Temp Grease never melts, even when it is exposed to extremely high temperatures. It operates in a broad range of temperatures from standard to high. Red High Temp Grease works in this fashion: As the temperature begins to rise to a level higher than the normal range, the outer portions of the oil start to volatize rather than the grease melting away. The inner portions of the grease remain as they should and maintain their lubricating qualities. If extreme high heat conditions remain continuous and over a long period of time, it is advised that this grease is periodically flushed with new grease to maintain lubrication and bearings in proper operating condition.

Unlike conventional high-temperature greases that are poor in dealing with extreme pressure, this grease offers outstanding extreme pressure performance.

Red High Temp Grease offers the owner/operator the potential to reduce the consumption and excessive use of grease. It has a unique consistency that keeps the grease in place rather than it melting away or pushing away. Due to this “stay put” characteristic, it helps reduce metal-to-metal contact during high-temperature applications. This grease vastly reduces the possibility of scouring, welding or galling of bearing surfaces. All in all, one can expect Red High Temp Grease to last longer than conventional greases, which ultimately means less downtime and a reduction in maintenance costs.

Water and moisture can have damaging effects on critical machinery parts. Red High Temp Grease offers excellent protection in the battle against moisture and water problems. It was formulated to offer excellent protection against water and it gives excellent sealability for bearings. This ability to seal out harmful dirt and moisture offers worry-free performance against rust and corrosion. Red High Temp Grease’s resistance to moisture and water protects critical metal parts, extending their life and minimizing downtime and loss of profits.

An important characteristic of grease should be its ability to protect metal surfaces with a strong lubricating film and offer clingability to metal surfaces. Red High Temp Grease outperforms conventional greases when it comes to delivering adhesive performance. This lubricant will cling to metal surfaces, never leaving them bare during extreme operating conditions. This adhesive characteristic goes a long way to minimizing frictional wear between metal surfaces. By using this grease, parts last longer because the grease stays put where it is applied.

Over the years, Red High Temp Grease has a loyal following in many different industries such as excavating, construction, agricultural, water treatment facilities, concrete plants, power plants, drilling, brick plants, refineries, etc. This versatility makes it a grease that can reduce an operation’s inventory. Due to its high temperature and extreme pressure capabilities, this grease works well lubricating roller ball and annular bearings. Whether there are high temperatures, extreme pressures, moisture, dirt, etc, Red High Temp Grease is your do-it-all lubricating grease.

Comes in cartridges, 35 pound pails, 120 pound kegs, 415 pound drums.