Red Grease


Red Grease – Timken OK Load 100 is a calcium-based grease engineered to perform in the most difficult and harshest of environments found in the drilling industry. Red Grease was engineered to outperform any grease in any application, from extremely wet environments to highly loaded applications. When deciding on which grease to use, there are four critical areas to consider: wear protection, extreme pressure/load ability, water washout, and oil separation.

So if you’re looking for a grease that is resistant to moisture and water, works in extreme-pressure applications, offers zero oil separation, and has superior wear protection, then you are left with only one choice…And that is RED GREASE.

Superior Extreme Pressure Abilities

Red Grease scored an industry high 100 pounds when it was tested on the Timken OK Load Test. Scoring a 100 Timken OK Load is on average over 90% higher than standard or conventional greases. To provide an example of Red Grease’s extreme pressure characteristics, visualize the crown of a drilling rig. The crown was designed to have the ability to support the weight of 2 to 3 miles worth of drill pipe. This massive weight develops a need for critical lubrication at the contact areas. Red Grease – Timken OK Load 100 was initially designed to perform and be effective in providing important lubrication for the crown of a drilling rig. This is an extreme example. With its industry setting standard 100 pounds Timken OK Load, expect Red Grease to surpass any of your expectations when using it in your heavy equipment. Red Grease excels when used on ball joints, fifth wheels, and any application that is exposed to extreme pressure and heavy shock loads.

Superior Wear Protection

Red Grease was subjected to the ASTM 4 Ball Wear Test. It scored a very impressive .33mm wear scar. Compare this low wear scar mark to the average industry conventional or traditional grease and you’ll find Red Grease to offer 80% to 120% better wear protection. This means that this lubricant provides you a substantial safety net if your equipment is operating in extremely difficult conditions. You want a grease that has the strength and ability to reduce friction and wear over long arduous conditions. Be confident that this grease will protect your equipment unlike any other grease on the market.

Resistance to Water and Moisture

Another area where Red Grease – Timken OK Load 100 exceeds industry standards is in its ability to perform effectively by its resistance to water and moisture. When standard or conventional grease will wash away when in the presence of water, this grease is immune to water. This high-performance lubricant utilizes specialized thickeners, adhesive/cohesive agents, and other unique additives that give it its amazing resistance to water. This grease has found a home protecting marine type equipment because of its ability to lubricate, minimizing rusting, corroding, and seizing when equipment is exposed day in and day out to moisture and water. Red Grease has found a customer following in the trenching and construction industry due to equipment in both industries typically having to deal with high amounts of moisture and water. Red Grease is the water-resistant grease of choice. When water pumps are working overtime, bearings have to be protected throughout these difficult conditions. This lubricant has proven to be the grease of choice here also.

Lower Grease Consumption

Red Grease utilizes shear resistant heavy-duty adhesive and cohesive agents. They provide this lubricant with a stringy, tacky consistency. This tackiness gives this grease the amazing ability to cling and remain on any surface it is applied to. Regardless of the shock load or the exposure to extreme amounts of water, Red Grease – Timken OK Load 100 does not pound away, sling off, nor does it ever leave critical components exposed. This grease’s tackiness and clingability create a tough barrier against dust, dirt, and other contaminations. When using this lubricant over a period of time, heavy equipment operators notice a dramatic reduction in grease consumption and a reduction in equipment downtime and longer equipment life. Red Grease can typically provide a 50% annual savings in grease consumption, downtime, and parts expenditure.

Amazing Stability

Every heavy equipment operator has noticed oil bleeding and thickener cracking when looking inside a grease container. This oil bleeding and cracking are signs of a grease’s instability. The question needs to be asked, if grease is becoming unstable, cracking and bleeding while in its container before it is even applied and used within heavy equipment, then how well can it be expected to effectively protect equipment when in use. Red Grease was formulated to be extremely stable. It offers zero oil bleeding and separation. It will not crack, harden, or become thin. It remains consistent even during extended periods of storage. When asked to perform under the harshest of environments over very long durations of time, this high-performance grease does not thin or thicken and maintains its original NLGI rating.

Top Tier Additive Package

What sets apart Red Grease – Timken OK Load 100 from competitive and conventional greases is the extremely high standard and specialized process that is required to blend Red Grease. Better base stocks, superior thickeners, high levels of additives, all uniquely blended together to make a superior grease. Beyond the higher levels of additives used, this lubricant also utilizes Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). By adding PTFE to an already superior grease, this grease gives an extra layer of protection by providing a grease that is able to lower friction, provide anti-stick capabilities, and enhanced corrosive protecting capabilities.

Red Grease is extremely versatile and can be used safely in most applications. If operating temperatures were to exceed temperatures that consistently reach 200 degrees Fahrenheit or more, then for these higher and more extreme high-temperature applications, it is best to use our High Melting Point Grease.

Comes in 50 tube case.