Ready Mix Concrete Truck Cleaner


The concrete and ready mix industry has for years asked for and wanted an environmentally safe concrete and lime scale remover. Ready Mix Concrete Truck Cleaner is such a product and can be used in all 50 states. Up until now, muriatic acid was the only product available that could effectively clean concrete and ready mix trucks.The major issue using muriatic acid is that it is a highly corrosive product to the trucks and it is a safety risk for users and employees that use this product for cleaning. Ready Mix Concrete Truck Cleaner was formulated to be a safe replacement of muriatic acid. It is formulated to not etch glass and will not damage rubber materials and paint. Additionally, it is readily biodegradable.

Muriatic acid is a cleaner that negatively affected and damaged glass, paint, rubber boots, wiring harnesses, plastic plugs, rims, and drums on the concrete trucks it was used to clean. It would cause and lead to corrosion and rust and reduced the life of equipment, thus devaluing the equipment. Fortunately, the safe Ready Mix Concrete Truck Cleaner eliminates all these damaging issues. All components exposed to this safe and effective cleaner will stay like new. Equipment life is extended and resale value increased. Also, there is the huge benefit of keeping equipment clean and ready for work the following day.

With over 96 years of chemical lab formulating experience and know-how, the latest advanced cleaning technology went into this superior cleaning product. It is a ready-to-use powerful cleaner that allows the user to clean trucks in record time. Simply take a common garden-type sprayer, fill the cleaner directly from its container into the sprayer, spray on the vehicle, and let it do its work by allowing it to soak for 5 to 15 minutes. Finally, pressure wash and rinse off the concrete from the truck. For those tougher and bigger tasks, it may be required to allow longer soak times.

There are some companies that have replaced muriatic acid with citrus-based cleaners. Yes, its true, a citrus-based cleaner is a more eco-friendly product versus muriatic acid. The unfortunate thing is it simply does not clean the concrete off the trucks properly and is not cost-effective. Ready Mix Concrete Truck Cleaner is a proven tested product that works quickly, effectively, and provides real value for the money.

It is a versatile cleaner. This concrete remover has found success in various industries. Users have reported many advantages and benefits through the use of this product. Whether you operate concrete pump trucks with long booms, trucking fleets, rental companies, water treatment plants, mining, well drilling, agricultural, and any other operation or industry that needs an effective concrete or lime scale remover, this concrete cleaner will deliver results. It is a safe alternative, it is friendly to the environment, and it is a product with advanced technology designed for today’s needs. Investing in this product for your operation will bring back savings and benefits for your operation.