Pressure Washing Detergent


Pressure Washing Detergent is a water-soluble solvent that offers superior performance at getting rid of many types of oils and petroleum-based soils. It is an extremely concentrated cleaning product that offers high foamability and can be used in a multitude of applications. This effective pink-colored liquid cleaner utilizes a state-of-the-art cleaning chemistry that includes high-performance wetting agents, alkaline builders, and water softening additives. Pressure Washing Detergent is moderately alkaline but does not contain any free caustics. Its pH is 12.9. This effective cleaner is formulated with biodegradable detergents and is non-flammable.

Pressure Washing Detergent has no competition when used as a pressure washer cleaner. It is extremely cost effective when used in high pressure cleaning equipment designed with direct chemical injection. Due to its high concentration chemistry, it can be used in ratios from 1:20 to 1:150 when metered directly from its container. Deciding on the proper dilution rate always will depend on the type of surface being cleaned, the type of soil and how much dirt and grime needs to be removed, and finally, on the level of water hardness. When using this detergent in equipment designed with a chemical concentrate tank, the recommended mixing ratio would be 1 or 2 gallons of Pressure Washing Detergent for every 5 gallons of water added. This mixture can then be metered via the machine at any one of the following ratios: 1:10 through 1:30. The ratio chosen will depend on the cleaning requirements of the end user.

Pressure Washing Detergent is an extremely effective multi-use, multipurpose cleaner. It has found success as both an industrial and institutional cleaner. As an institutional cleaner, it is used daily for sealing and wall cleaning, floor stripping, damp mopping, etc. When properly diluted, this detergent can be used on all environmental surfaces that would not be harmed by water. It can be successfully used as a cleaner for daily washing of floors, equipment, hard surfaces, parts, machinery, etc. If dirty floors need to be cleaned, then this detergent will offer easy and effective removal of dirt and grime.

Depending on the level of soil that needs to be removed, there are different dilution rates. If the task at hand is to remove grease and food from the floor, then a dilution rate of 1:20 with water would be effective. Simply mop or spray on this dilution mixture and then rinse. When the need is to remove grease and petroleum oil from a floor, then dilute Pressure Washing Detergent at an effective ration of 1:15 with water. Take this solution, mop or spray on, then scrub if necessary, and finally, rinse. If the floor needs to be cleaned of dirt particles, then a lighter solution of Pressure Washing Detergent at a ratio of 1:50 with water will certainly be effective for most light to medium duty soiled floors. When the floor has a larger amount of ground-in dirt and soil, then the most useful dilution rate would be 1:20 with water. Mop or spray on, scrub as needed, then finally rinse away.

Pressure Washing Detergent is an extremely cost-effective and easy-to-use product for most general maintenance cleaning. For the majority of cleaning tasks, a cost-effective 1:40 mixture with water provides you with a long lasting and useful cleaner. This premium detergent will work and clean any stubborn soils from stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, wood, porcelain, and steel surfaces. If the surface to be cleaned is found to have heavier deposits of dirt, grease, or oil, then simply create a stronger solution. Pressure Washing Detergent has also been successful in the removal of adhesives, syrups, and cutting oils. If your need is to strip away wax from a floor, then create a 1:8 with water. If there is a greasy engine in your shop, then use a 1:2 ratio to degrease stubborn deposits from the motor. For most other degreasing jobs, a 1:5 ratio of Pressure Washing Detergent dispensed through a pump up style garden sprayer will work magically.

Pressure Washing Detergent was specifically engineered to be more effective and more economical to use than any other competitive water-soluble solvent cleaner. It is highly concentrated and requires less product to use on a job then other similar conventional cleaners. For example, lets look at Brand X and take three or four ounces of this conventional cleaner added to water. For this same cleaning job, Pressure Washing Detergent will only require one ounce per gallon of water to effectively clean away any dirt, grease, or grime. In most instances, it is three to four times as economical as most other cleaners. Because of its versatility, it again offers economy and value to the user. This economy is due to its versatility in replacing many other cleaners. By reducing the amount of cleaners needed in your inventory and replacing them with Pressure Washing Detergent, you save money, confusion, and time.

Due to its highly advanced chemistry, it allows you to remove extremely stubborn soil from almost any surface and it does this effectively with the least amount of Pressure Washing Detergent added per each gallon of water. Not only is it extremely economical, but it is long lasting and can be used down to the very last concentrated drop. Another unique cleaning application for Pressure Washing Detergent would be to clean and remove stubborn slime and algae buildup in cotton picker tanks.