Pivot Gearbox Oil


Pivot Gearbox Oil is a custom-blended semi-fluid lubricant engineered for gear drives and irrigation pivots. Here is a unique application that requires a very specific set of lubrication needs, so as to eliminate or minimize the potential of costly downtime or failures. The gear drives and irrigation pivots demand a semi-fluid lubricant that offers extreme pressure capabilities, can protect against any scoring of the gear, offers excellent water resistance, offers cohesive/adhesive (tacky) characteristics, and finally, provides anti-wear protection.

This gearbox oil is a semi-fluid lubricant that is available in two NLGI consistencies, which are #0 grade and #00 grade. The first goal in the formulation of this specialty lubricant was giving it extreme pressure capabilities. It is definitely effective in any high pressure or extreme pressure environment, giving gear drives the ultimate in extreme pressure protection.

This lubricant provides unparalleled anti-wear protection, even in a working environment of constant moisture. Its advanced properties give it superior abilities in applying protective coatings on all critical metal surfaces inside the gearbox. Because of its unique clingability characteristic, the lubricant tenaciously stays on the metal surfaces, never leaving them unprotected.

This oil’s unique chemistry was engineered with a specialized tackiness agent. This sticky additive imparts a cohesive and adhesive characteristic that effectively helps in the reduction of lubricant consumption and also ensuring that metal surfaces do not come in contact with each other, thus reducing unnecessary wear. This superior clingability to metal surfaces provides a tenacious and effective barrier, sealing out any damaging rust and corrosion, dust, and moisture. Additionally, this lubricant offers excellent cold-weather performance, making it the lubricant of choice when used for protecting gear drives and irrigation pivot points.

The goal in the creation of Pivot Gearbox Oil was to offer a lubricant that could outperform competitive products in all important areas for the protection of gear drives and irrigation pivots. One critical area was to prevent any potential gear scoring. Due to this lubricant’s incredible cohesive and adhesive characteristics, it imparts a superior ability to remain intact on metal surfaces while staying bonded together in the prevention of metal-to-metal contact. What this translates to is a high-performance level of protection that eliminates any potential metal fatigue and vastly extends the operating life of the gearbox in irrigation pivots.

It goes without saying, water and irrigation go together. To that end, a lubricant must be water-resistant for this application. Pivot Gearbox Oil is the number 1 choice for this environment. Where other conventional lubricants of this type will fail and wash off in the steady and consistent presences of any moisture or water, this premium lubricant excels, being totally impervious to water and staying completely and tenaciously adhered to where it is put.