Parker and Bailey Original Wood Floor Cream




This special concentrated formula contains a blend of highly refined mineral oils and cleaning conditioners that gently remove dirt, heel marks, and other surface grime. Parker & Bailey Wood Floor Cream contains no waxes, silicones, or acrylics. Safe to use on most wood floor finishes but is not recommended for use on waxed floors.

Great for cleaning most hardwood and polyurethane finished floors.
Use to produce a brilliant shine and for weekly maintenance.
Perfect for restoring and renewing the floors natural look.
Product is not recommended for use on previously waxed floors.


Remove seal under cap before use. Pour a small amount of Parker and Bailey Wood Floor Cream onto a damp sponge mop and apply to a section of the floor. Rinse the mop in a bucket of clean water and repeat on the next section of floor. Allow the floor to dry and rub with a dry mop or towel to produce a brilliant shine. Wood finished will vary in age and condition and may contain residue from other cleaning products.

Note: We recommend testing on an inconspicuous area to ensure satisfactory results. Not recommended for previously waxed surfaces unless wax is removed first.


16 Fl. Oz. MADE IN USA