Parker and Bailey Furniture Cream


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Contains Lemon Oil. Cleans, polishes, and protects All Fine Woods. No Silicone or Wax Buildup.

Furniture Cream by Parker & Bailey is a rich, white, creamy, concentrated formula that does not contain dulling waxes, harmful silicones, or flammable solvents. This original safe formula has been used by the finest furniture restorers and antique experts for many years, with only the best results. This furniture cream dates back to 1879. Used by some of the most famous museums in North America when restoring antique furniture. Get the same professional results on your home’s furniture and cabinets. MADE IN USA

Gently and easily removes dirt, dust and fingerprints off any wood surface.
Rejuvenates all wood surfaces leaving a long lasting natural appearance.
Great for antique furniture, woodwork, mantles, doors, paneling, pianos, and much more.
Use to condition wood surfaces, and help prevent drying and cracking.

Please Note: Test on an inconspicuous area to ensure satisfactory results. Not recommended for previously waxed surfaces unless wax is removed first.

Directions: Shake well. Remove seal under cap before use. Pour a small amount of polish onto a clean dry cloth and apply to surface. Buff to the desired luster.

16 oz.