Open Gear Lube


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Open Gear Lube is a heavy duty lubricant that is dust and moisture resistant, it has adhesive & cohesive characteristics, and it is extremely versatile & economical to use. Outside gears of heavy equipment are typically exposed to severe operating conditions throughout the year, such as snow, rain, dirt, dust, shock loads, extreme pressure, huge amounts of water, etc. Open Gear Lube was formulated with a unique chemistry that shows superior ability to lubricate and protect outside gears, regardless of the extreme conditions they operate in.

Open Gear Lube has the amazing ability to stick tenaciously to the face of gears and interestingly has the unique ability to stick to itself. This means Open Gear Lube lasts a long time and does not require frequent re-lubrication. Open Gear Lube also is formulated to be extremely resistant to dirt and dust contamination. The faces of open gears are protected by a strong film of lubricant that creates a protective shield that imparts a heavy cushioning effect. Open Gear Lube is blended to meet hot weather conditions or cold weather conditions. Open Gear Lube is available as a summer weight, which approximates an NLGI #0 weight grease. This means gear teeth and surfaces are instantly provided a tenacious and heavy lubricant film the moment surfaces come in contact with each other.

For cold temperatures, Open Gear Lube comes in a winter weight, which approximately rates as an NLGI #00 weight grease. Being that Open Gear Lube is a versatile lubricant, it also lends itself as an effective lubricant for fifth wheels, slides, racks, and for dipper sticks. Open Gear Lube is utilized in a variety of heavy equipment industries, such as quarries, aggregate plants, power plants, water plants, drilling and pipeline industries, agricultural, and construction operations.