Oil Treatment For Diesel Engine


Oil Treatment For Diesel Engine is a high performance multi-function lubricant that can be added to almost any petroleum lubricating oil. Hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, gear oils, motor oils, all can be conditioned with this additive. Oil Treatment For Diesel Engine improves a lubricant’s film strength and offers vastly improved lubricity. This oil additive improves viscosity, neutralizes acids, cleans, and provides superior lubricant protection for engines, transmissions, gears, and hydraulics.

Boosts Viscosity

Oil Treatment For Diesel Engine’s unique one of a kind formulation utilizes a proprietary chemistry that improves the viscosity of the lubricant that it is added to, thus helping to minimize or eliminate metal-to-metal contact. Adding this performance booster to standard or traditional industrial oils, you are allowing all metal surfaces and bearings to receive important extra lubricant protection. The superior lubricant chemistry of Oil Treatment For Diesel Engine will help your heavy equipment to last longer and will help in the reduction of downtime. How does Oil Treatment For Diesel Engine boost viscosity in standard or traditional level industrial oils? The secret is in the use of an extremely high performing, high quality polymer. This polymer is so small, it can only be seen under a laboratory microscope, yet this tiny polymer is truly a superhero when it comes to viscosity improvement performance. Think of this unique polymer as a tightly wound coil during cold temperatures, which allows the lubricant to flow more rapidly. When the temperature becomes hot this super polymer uncoils which hinders the lubricants molecules more, thus causing less viscosity thinning. Keeping these two situations in mind, when the oil’s viscosity is less thickening at cold temperatures and under hot temperatures the oil’s viscosity is less thinning, then in these two operating situations the lubricant maintains more required or desirable characteristics. Free flowing under cold temperatures, less thinning under extreme hot temperatures.

For motors, transmissions, gears, and hydraulics

Generally speaking, Oil Treatment For Diesel Engine helps engines, transmissions, gears, and hydraulics to perform better and run cooler. When adding Oil Treatment For Diesel Engine to engine crankcase motor oils, you can expect a reduction in oil consumption, better piston ring sealing, improved combustion, and reduced blow-by. When considering how much Oil Treatment For Diesel Engine to add to motor oils, you can consider using ratios of 2.5% all the way up to 10% Oil Treatment For Diesel Engine. Hydraulic systems can greatly benefit through the use of this oil additive. It makes a standard hydraulic oil perform like a high performance lubricant. When adding this additive to a hydraulic system, you can expect this unique lubricant to gently remove any tarnish or deposits from a control valve, thus improving any spongy performance issues. Adding this motor oil treatment to a gear box will help in providing superior performance by reducing temperatures through the reduction of friction. This leads to cooler running temperatures and reduced parts wear.

Helps to neutralize acids

Oil Treatment For Diesel Engine¬†will help fight against wear caused by corrosive acids which are formed by the combustion of fossil fuels. This oil additive is a TBN booster. This is another example of the superior chemistry utilized in this helpful lubricant. It stands apart from any other competitive product on the market. When you add this additive, you are boosting your lubricant’s ability to neutralize harmful acids, thereby reducing wear.

Improves Cleanliness

Varnish and sludge are troublesome enemies for engines, transmissions, gears, and hydraulic systems. By adding Oil Treatment For Diesel Engine, you will turn standard lubricants into cleaning champions. If we consider adding between 1-5% Oil Treatment For Diesel Engine to a hydraulic oil system, you have now helped your hydraulic lubricant to have the ability to easily get rid of sludge deposits from your hydraulic system. This will improve any sluggish performance caused by varnish or sludge deposits. Adding this additive to a gear or transmission system, you can now expect bearings to become cleaner, thus promoting much better lubrication for the bearings. Adding this motor oil treatment to any standard motor oil will now allow gentle cleaning of piston ring deposits. This will lead to a reduction in oil consumption. In addition, this oil additive helps improve compression and reduced piston scuffing.

Helps provide increased protection

The best time to add this additive is when the equipment oil is warm. Once added, it is best to run the machinery right after adding this additive in the oil. By doing this, Oil Treatment For Diesel Engine is then thoroughly mixed into your system’s oil. Also by running Oil Treatment For Diesel Engine immediately, you provide the best chance that all parts will be completely coated with this additive’s superior additive chemistry. When machinery has been completely coated with a film of this high performance additive, you can expect complete protection of lubricated parts when your equipment sits idle. With this oil additive’s layer of protection, you can be sure that the parts will not become corroded or rusted due to moisture or any residual acids while idle. Please note, if additional oil additive is required for whatever the reason, you can add more to warm oil provided you don’t exceed a total of 10% in motor oils or a total of 5% in Motor Oil Treatment in hydraulic, gear, and transmission systems.