NLGI 00 Grade Grease


NLGI 00 Grade Grease was custom blended as a high-performance alternative to gear lubricant for certain gearboxes that leak such as seen on gang mowers or Batwing mowers. Beyond these specific applications, this grease can be used in endless applications. It can find a happy home in automatic centralized lube systems that are designed in both mobile equipment and industrial plants. Also, this grease is effective at protecting track rollers, oscillating arms, pump cases, irrigation circles, cutter heads, trailer wheel hubs, chain cases, and other cold-weather applications.

This grease comes in two NLGI grades #00 and #0. It was engineered with a mildly tacky grease thickener that has a reputation for being highly water-resistant. Next, added to this specialized thickener is a very unique base oil that delivers superior cold-weather flow characteristics and provides excellent protection during warm weather temperatures. Its excellent flowability gives this grease the perfect characteristic for any automatic centralized lube system. Such centralized lube system brands are Ingersol-Rand, Trabon, Vogel, Lubriquip, Farvel, Graco, Lincoln Industrial, Safematic, Alemite, and others.

With its superior ability to withstand extreme pressure and shock loads, this grease is perfect as a replacement for gear oils in leaky gearboxes typically found in Batwing or gang mowers. It goes without saying though, NLGI 00 Grade Grease was not engineered to be used in hypoid gears found in truck differentials.

If you’re looking for a very long-lasting grease for your Batwing mowers and similar type leaky gearboxes, then this grease was made for you. Its one-of-a-kind formulation contains a very powerful antioxidant agent. This antioxidant agent gives the grease tremendous thermal stability, leading to long term life. Lower quality greases will oxidize much too fast to be of any use in such types of applications. NLGI 00 Grade Grease, on the other hand, can work 24/7 endlessly and is the perfect grease of choice.

If your operation has industrial gearboxes that have become worn and that the shafts, bearings, and gears have developed looseness, then this grease is the number 1 choice over other types of gear lubricants. By installing this grease into any gearbox that is noisy, the thicker film provided by this grease will start to quiet the gearbox due to cushioning the excess movement of loose parts, thus vastly reducing noise levels.

In summary, NLGI 00 Grade Grease will provide benefits such as reducing noise levels, effectively handling extreme pressure, reduces friction and wear, flowing easily during cold weather yet protecting during hot weather, and having endless uses and applications.