Moly Roller Chain Lube


Industrial chains face many challenges while utilizing traditional chain oils for their lubrication. Industrial chains are at many times running at high speeds where the operating conditions are extreme and harsh, and in quite a few other situations, they are exposed to extreme loads. When evaluating, under what conditions industrial chains are called upon to perform, such as speed, load, and conditions, it is equally important to consider the many components that make up a chain. These components are operating under wear and friction situations. Every component on a chain, such as pin and plate connections, have wear areas and all these areas and parts, when are asked to operate under extended and endless applications, can fail at any point if not properly lubricated and protected. When considering how severe industrial chains are required to perform under, then you have to question whether traditional chain oils are up to the task, and in most cases simple motor oil is used, and without a doubt, such a lubricant was not designed to lubricate industrial chains. Moly Roller Chain Lube was formulated to provide superior lubrication for the most severe industrial chain applications. It protects all components of an industrial chain and lubricates all critical points. Not only is the lubricant base oil lubricating, but with the addition of the miracle lubricant Moly, it acts as an insurance lubricant for those ultra extreme operating situations.

Utilizes Superior Oil and Additives

Moly Roller Chain Lube utilizes the highest quality base stock oils that have a 95 viscosity index. Using such a high quality base oil is unheard of by other standard chain oils on the market. In addition, superior quality additives have been chosen that are known to perform on industrial chains in severe operating conditions. Beyond the use of top tier additives, a dry film lubricant called molybdenum disulfide (moly) has been blended in. Moly Roller Chain Lube is very resistant to temperature change and is a very stable lubricant due to the use of the 95-VI Paraffin base stock oils. Moly Roller Chain Lube will surely provide excellent lubrication for the myriad of chain link components. Utilizes molybdenum disulfide (moly). Molybdenum disulfide is considered a sold film lubricant and has a well earned positive reputation for its superior ability in reducing wear, friction, and metal-to-metal contact. Studies have shown that molybdenum disulfide is almost 2X as slippery as graphite. When using a molybdenum disulfide based lubricant, moly will form a lubrication film or bond with the metal which comes in handy when the oil film is temporarily squeezed out, thus at this point the moly film takes over to protect the metal. By Moly Roller Chain Lube using molybdenum disulfide, the goal is for the moly to penetrate deep into the pins, bushings, and link plates so it can prevent or reduce unnecessary wear.

Rust Prevention

Due to Moly Roller Chain Lube’s use of high quality rust and corrosion inhibitors, and the use of moly, the operator can expect the metal surfaces to be protected from rust and corrosion. Also, the unique formulation of Moly Roller Chain Lube contains a tackifier additive, which gives the oil the ability to cling to the metal surfaces. This clingability characteristic of Moly Roller Chain Lube provides a thicker oil film on the industrial chain, thus helping to maintain the additives to stay in contact with all the various chain components for protection.

Ease of Application

There are a multitude of methods for applying Moly Roller Chain Lube. Moly Roller Chain Lube can be applied by hand utilizing a sprayer or a brush. Other applications can utilize an automatic lubrication system by either drip feeding or force feeding the system with Moly Roller Chain Lube. Also, there can be a reservoir or bath type lubrication system. Moly Roller Chain Lube is available in 4 different weights of viscosity: SAE 10, 20, 30, 40.

Multitude of Uses

Moly Roller Chain Lube can be utilized in a variety of jobs and applications. Because of its unique formulation via the use of superior anti-wear additives, top quality base oils, and molybdenum disulfide, when applied for the first time this oil will flush away any dirty material or residual metal wear debris. In addition, it will prevent rust and corrosion of the chain of the components, and you can expect a reduction in friction and wear thus leading to lower operating temperatures. Beyond the obvious application of lubricating industrial chains, Moly Roller Chain Lube can also be used as a general plant lubricant for wire, for cables, and as a gear box lubricant for non EP applications.