Moly Gear Oil


Moly Gear Oil is an extreme duty high performance gear oil that is engineered to provide both splash lubrication and crawling action so as to completely provide a lubricant coating for all gear components and at the same time eliminating foaming. This gear lube’s specialized formula contains a complex additive chemistry which on its own will outperform other specialized gear lubes. Still, we wanted to make this product even better so we’ve added molybdenum disulfide, or Moly for short. This advanced gear oil will guarantee that all gear sets and components will be protected against friction, wear, extreme pressure, high temperatures, rust, and oxidation. Also, we’ve made sure to give this gear oil the ability to drain out water due to its unique water demulsibility characteristics.

Dual Function

Think of Moly Gear Oil as having two useful functions. There is the foundation or base product, then there’s the Moly product. Molybdenum disulfide is a high performing solid film lubricant that was blended with an already advanced additive chemistry. Together, Moly and the rest of Moly Gear Oil work in harmony to create an effective and synergistic performing lubricant. Expect Moly Gear Oil to help reduce temperatures, to effectively reduce friction, deal with extreme pressure and shock loads, and greatly extend lubricant life. Considering all these benefits, this gear lube will reduce downtime and vastly extend parts life. The more difficult the operating conditions, the better Moly Gear Oil performs.

Heat Reduction

Moly Gear Oil has an extraordinary ability to reduce temperatures within a gear box. Through the use of heavy duty anti-foam agents, any potential foam buildup is quickly and effectively dissipated by these unique anti-foam agents. By minimizing or completely reducing foam, you automatically lower temperatures. Lowered temperatures means longer oil life and parts life. Additionally, through the use of adhesive and cohesive additives, this gear lube has the unique characteristics of being able to climb gear sets and clinging to all the components throughout operation. This constant coating of the gear components with lubricant helps reduce friction, wear, and temperatures. Beyond these additives, Moly and other EP agents work in harmony to help Moly Gear Oil do its job. This oil’s ability to keep temperatures lower goes a long way towards keeping the operating system clean of harmful gum and varnish.

Water Demulsibility

This gear lube utilizes a unique water demulsibility technology. This water separating chemistry allows Moly Gear Oil to quickly and effectively separate from water. Water and Moly Gear Oil stay separated and will not emulsify. Unlike conventional gear oils that easily emulsify, this gear lubricant allows water to simply be drained out. Because water will not mix and emulsify with Moly Gear Oil, the lubricant is safe to do its job. Consider this. If using conventional lubricants, minimal and normal water condensation can over time become extreme and severe water contamination. This is because of conventional oil’s low quality additive chemistry. Moly Gear Oil is rather unique. It easily handles excessive and abundant moisture or water which is easily drained away. Moly Gear Oil delivers extended gear life and significant reduction in downtime.

Increased Profits

This gear lube is the ultimate gear oil lubricant. Designed for the heavy equipment operator to provide superior performance in the most adverse and severe conditions. By using Moly Gear Oil, equipment can be worked hard and continuously over long periods of time. Regardless of the shock loading, no matter the high torque, no matter the speed whether low or high, this gear lube is a high performance lubricant that does not fail. Getting more working hours from each piece of equipment leads to added profit. Less downtime translates to equipment earning more. Consider this. Because this gear lubricant provides much longer service and better protection than conventional gear oils, this means the need for less product. Less product inventory means saving storage space. Plus, because it was designed for multiple applications and meets all of the major equipment manufacturer specs, there is less chance of utilizing the wrong lubricant. Finally, you save money because Moly Gear Oil protects your equipment under the most severe operating conditions.

To summarize, Moly Gear Oil is a GL-4, GL-5 gear oil. Formulated to protect against extreme pressure and heavy loads. Provides a reduction in drag and friction. Substantially reduces operating temperatures. Superior ability in water separation. Unique clingability to components because of superior film strength.

Comes in 45 pound pail.

Meets and/or Exceeds the requirement for API Service GL-4, and GL-5; API MT-1, Federal Specifications MILL-2105B, MIL-L-2105C, MIL-L-2105D and MIL-PRF-2105E and SAE J2360; PG-2 Thermal Stability Test, US Steel 224, and AGMA 250.04 and major manufacturers’ specifications to include Ford M2C 105A, Rockwell Standard 0-76, Navistar IHCB-22, Clark MS-8, MACK GO-G, GO-H, and MACK GO-J, Scania STO 1:0 and ZF TE-ML 08.