Moly EP Grease


Moly EP Grease – 5% Moly was formulated to perform in the most difficult extreme pressure high shock load applications. Initially, Moly EP Grease was designed to lubricate and protect the crown block of drilling rigs. Due to its extreme pressure chemistry, it can be utilized effectively in difficult to lubricate areas such a fifth wheels and ball joints which are always under extreme and heavy shock loads.

Molybdenum Disulfide Base

Moly EP Grease utilizes a minimum of 5% molybdenum disulfide. Moly is famous due to its unique metal plating abilities. Once moly is fully plated onto metal surfaces, it can deal with up to 500,000 pounds of extreme pressure per square inch. Moly EP Grease will effectively reduce wear, galling, and scuffing on the metal surfaces it is plated to. Because of moly’s superior capabilities at reducing friction and wear, bearings will operate much cooler and will offer longer service life which translates to dramatically reduced downtime.

Extreme Pressure Capabilities

Moly EP Grease – 5% Moly was tested for its extreme pressure shock load capabilities during the industry-standard Timken OK Load rating test. Moly EP Grease scored an impressive 80 pounds Timken OK Load rating. With this 80 pound Timken OK Load, this illustrates its superior extreme pressure capabilities. This grease performs in a superior fashion when metal surfaces are turning, sliding, or having an oscillating motion. In addition, if there are heavy shock loads happening, Moly EP Grease relishes this environment. The more difficult the application, the better Moly EP Grease will perform.

Unique Clingability/Tacky Characteristics

When Moly EP Grease was formulated, one of the goals was to engineer a high-performance grease that would cling or adhere to metal surfaces under the most severe operating conditions. To give it that “stay put” ability, it was necessary to formulate into the product a heavy-duty high-performance adhesive and cohesive agent. This “sticky” agent give Moly EP Grease a unique ability to cling to metal surfaces. This clingability gives it superior lubrication abilities and at the same time is amazingly effective at keeping out any dirt, dust, or moisture. Its adhesive/cohesive characteristics also make it extremely hard for this grease to pound out, sling off, or spin-off metal surfaces. It resists pulling apart and maintains its stringy, tacky consistency under the most difficult conditions.

Superior Water Resistance

Moly EP Grease delivers top-level water resistance capabilities. Moly EP Grease was put through the ASTM D-1264 water washout test. It scored an impressively low 1.3% water washout. This low number means that Moly EP Grease – 5% Moly will not wash away in extreme water conditions. Due to its heavy-duty adhesive and cohesive characteristics, Moly EP Grease easily is resistant to water wash-off. It is an excellent grease for any marine application. Because of its high ability at resisting water washout, Moly EP Grease is the perfect choice for any trenching operations. If there are extreme water or moisture conditions during any construction situation, Moly EP Grease is the perfect choice in those instances. Its superior ability at sticking to metal surfaces and keeping out water, moisture, and dirt make it an effective component to protecting expensive equipment. It will help equipment stay rust-free, resist corrosion, and resist seizing.

Multi-functioning and Multipurpose

Moly EP Grease – 5% Moly is an all-around performer and an extreme pressure champion. A perfectly capable grease to use in sealed or open bearings that may operate in low or high speeds. The perfect chassis grease for lubricating universal joints, ball joints, and fifth wheels. Effectively protects open gears, crane bearing pins, and cam & slide mechanisms. Moly EP Grease thrives in protecting any surfaces that may oscillate, slide, or turn. Moly EP Grease is an effective lubricant for most situations and applications as long as operating temperatures do not go beyond 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reduce Grease Consumption and Costs

Moly EP Grease – 5% Moly is considered a high-performance premium lubricant designed to substantially lower grease consumption and to help in reducing maintenance costs. Moly EP Grease was engineered utilizing the absolute finest ingredients with one thing in mind: to perform beyond the call of duty. It is a true value-added product and brings a multitude of benefits to the user. It performs under tough extreme pressure and shock-loading conditions by staying put, not pounding out, and not washing away. With its 5% of the miracle dry lubricant called moly, it effectively reduces wear and friction and lowers operating temperatures where it is applied. Moly EP Grease will vastly reduce grease consumption, will greatly reduce parts wear, and it will extend lubricating cycles, all adding up to maintenance cost reduction and providing lower grease inventory levels.

Finally, to summarize, Moly EP Grease offers key benefits such as extending greasing intervals, longer equipment life, lower inventory requirements, lower maintenance costs, amazing grease stability, less component wear, 1.3 water washout, 80 pound Timken OK Load, amazing clingability, and 5% moly.

Comes in 50 tube case.