McNess Vanilla Champion Madagascar Double Strength Flavoring Compound

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McNess Vanilla is made from the finest Madagascar vanilla beans. Since 1908, the McNess Home Products Company has been manufacturing the McNess Champion Madagascar Vanilla Flavoring Compound Double Strength, available in a 12 oz. bottle.

If you love to bake scrumptious and tasty cakes, cookies, and pies, then you’ll want to be sure that McNess Vanilla is a staple for your baking endeavors.

This Delicious Madagascar Vanilla Extract Will NEVER Bake Out!

You may not know this, but all ordinary vanilla extracts bake out when the cake is in the oven. An ordinary vanilla extract will lose its flavor when subjected to heat. If you want to maintain that delicious vanilla flavor in your baked cakes, cookies, and pies, it is imperative to find a double strength vanilla extract that won’t bake out. McNess Champion Madagascar Vanilla Compound Double Strength is your best and only choice!

This delicious Madagascar Vanilla has twice the flavoring strength of any ordinary vanilla extract. Additionally, this special vanilla extract does not bake or freeze out.


(If you remember the old Rawleigh vanilla flavoring type product, then you’ll absolutely love the taste of the McNess Madagascar Vanilla Compound.)

There are a few reasons that make McNess Vanilla special. It utilizes the pure Madagascar vanilla bean, plus it is fortified with scientific properties that fix its flavor so that neither heat nor cold can spoil it! Simply by changing from your ordinary vanilla to this premium McNess Vanilla Compound, you will make your cakes and any other dessert food you add it to taste twice as good!

Available in a 12 oz. bottle.

McNess Vanilla Champion Madagascar Double Strength Flavoring Compound Ingredients:

A unique blend of Alcohol 12%, Water,  Caramel Color, Vanilla Bean Extract, Ethyl Vanillin, Vanillin, and Glycerine

For your white cakes, angel foods, icings, etc., consider the McNess Clear Imitation Vanilla.

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