McNess CLEAR Imitation Vanilla Double Strength 12 oz.

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McNess Clear Imitation Vanilla Double Strength is the perfect choice for making baked goods such as angel food and white cakes, as well as icings and candies. This delicious clear imitation vanilla flavor is the perfect kitchen companion to the McNess Vanilla Champion Madagascar Double Strength Flavoring Compound!

What separates McNess Clear Vanilla Flavor is its unique formulation. You may not know this but all ordinary standard clear or regular vanilla extracts will bake out and freeze out. McNess Clear Imitation Vanilla Double Strength will never bake out or freeze out.

If you want to keep the perfect white appearance for your wedding cake, then it is imperative that you use this amazingly delicious clear imitation vanilla extract.


Experience the Great Flavor of Vanilla!

Ordinary low quality imitation vanilla flavorings will typically bake out when cooking at very high temperatures. The McNess Clear Vanilla Extract is double strength and retains its flavor even when cooking at very high temperatures.

Because the flavor will not bake away, you can add this clear double strength vanilla flavoring at the beginning of the cooking or baking process. If you do not want to change the color of your icing, desserts, or baked goods, then use this item and marvel at its flavor!

You’ll never have to worry about how your angel food, white cake, icing, or candy will taste. The vanilla flavor you’re expecting will certainly be there!

Packaged in a 12 oz. bottle.

(If you remember the old Rawleigh vanilla type product, then you’ll absolutely love the taste of the McNess Clear Vanilla in your favorite dessert recipes.)

McNess Clear Imitation Vanilla Ingredients

Alcohol 6%, Water, Vanillin, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Vanillin

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