Kitchen and Bath Shammy Cleaning Cloths

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The Kitchen and Bath Shammy Cleaning Cloths are ideal for bathrooms. These will be the best wipes you have ever used, soaking up spills, and cleaning up sinks, bathtubs, walls, mirrors, and floors. These wipes absorb over 10 times their overall weight and are extra durable. Outlast and out-perform paper towels. Reusable, machine washable, recyclable, Earth-friendly, and lint free.

The 4 quality shammy cleaning cloths absorb like a sponge, wipe like a cloth, dry like a chamois, all in one! The anti-microbial protection of these shammy cloths keep the wipes free of bacteria, mold, fungi, and odor. Made in Germany, it is considered one of the best bathroom cleaning products in Europe. Now available in the USA from Champion Supplies!

Directions: Rinse thoroughly before using. Use with or without your favorite detergent or soap. During use, hand wring periodically to remove excess water. For maximum wear and to keep your shammy wipes clean and sweet, wash them after each use, then let dry normally. Shammy wipes may be machine washed using the “synthetic” setting.


9 1/4″ x 11″, 4 per package.