Kent Half Round Cherry Wood Hairbrush



The Cherry Wood 1/2 Round wooden hairbrush from Kent is ideal for styling.

Everyone loves a good wooden hairbrush, and with the Cherry Wood 1/2 Round brush from Kent you get a great styling tool in an attractive package. This boar bristle brush works wonders on all types of hair, and unlike traditional hair brushes actually works with your hair rather than against it.

The boar bristles in this quality hair brush actively work to redistribute hair oils to give you the natural shine that everyone is looking for. And, unlike a more traditional hairbrush, the soft bristles don’t pull out your hair when they encounter a tangle; rather they gently work through the knots in an even manner.

The Cherry Wood 1/2 Round hair brush is an ideal styling tool due to its round shape and ergonomic handle. The rounded brush head allows you to create lustrous and voluminous hair in no time. Instead of going over the same spot of hair multiple times with a traditional brush you can get the job done the first time with the Cherry Wood 1/2 Round brush from Kent.

This wooden hairbrush is a thing of beauty as well as a high-performance tool. Cherry Wood is a beautiful material and creates a stunning handle for holding the boar bristles. To further enhance the natural beauty of Cherry Wood each handle is hand sanded, sculpted and varnished to produce the best looking and most durable brush handle possible.

For such a fantastic tool it’s impressive that you can get one for the price of a wholesale hair brush. Hand crafted natural materials are never inexpensive so the bargain price of the Cherry Wood 1/2 Round brush is a testament to the importance of customer satisfaction on the part of Kent.

If you’ve never used a wooden hairbrush in the past now is definitely the time to start. It’s an experience unlike any other, and with the commitment to quality exhibited by Kent you know you’re getting a good deal. It’s time to stop wasting your time on cheap grocery store brushes and instead embrace the styling potential of the quality Cherry Wood 1/2 Round brush from Kent.

Ideal for styling.

Heritage Hair Care! Only from Kent come heirloom-quality hairbrushes with natural beauty and superior performance delivered by these elegantly traditional styles. The Cherry Wood used in this hairbrush was selected for its beauty and durability. The natural boar bristles distribute your natural hair oils for an all-over silky luster.