Kent Air Hedz Flat Glo Ionic Brush



Kent AHGLO02 Hair Brush. Flat 9 row non-scratch, ionic quill brush. There are 6 different colours; (Lime, Green, Strawberry, Purple, Blue & Tangerine)

The ionic brush is designed with active ion technology to help eliminate static and boost shine at the touch of a button. It not only counteracts the static buildup brushing causes, it actually brings a charge to the surface calming and flattening the surface of the hair
to prevent further breakage and surface damage. Finally you can say goodbye to frizz and flyways and hello to SHINE!

Protect your hair from daily UV and environmental damage caused by positive IONS. The negative IONS in this hairbrush react against positive IONS, to leave your hair soft, smooth and healthy.

Extra benefits are:

. Non-scratch, smooth quills.

. Anti-bacterial.

. ION brushing encourages hair growth, tightens damaged cuticles and removes static.

. Prevents split ends.