Irrigation Pump Drip Oil


One of the potential issues for line shaft bearings in deep well irrigation pumps is a lack of lubrication. The line shafts are lubricated via an oil drip system. Conventional irrigation lubricants tend to lose viscosity, thus leading to excessive wear and unnecessary oil consumption. To provide the necessary lubrication for your turbine irrigation pump, the choice is Irrigation Pump Drip Oil. This drip oil is engineered to reduce wear and vastly reduce excessive oil consumption, while providing the maximum protection for critical parts of your irrigation system.

Feedback from users has indicated that Irrigation Pump Drip Oil will reduce drip oil consumption by more than two-thirds over conventional irrigation lubricants. This is possible due to this pump drip oil’s ability to maintain its viscosity over a wide range of temperatures. Its viscosity will not thin out when operating temperatures during the day are extreme and the oil will not become thick when nighttime temperatures drop. Because of this drip oil’s ability to maintain a consistent viscosity, the need for costly monitoring and adjustment of the irrigation drip system is either reduced or eliminated. Additionally, this high-performance drip oil was engineered purposefully to maintain its viscosity during any extreme weather, thus reducing the potential of contamination of water tables, not to mention a reduction in oil consumption.

Historically, data has shown that the number one reason for failure in turbine irrigation systems is inefficient and inconsistent drip oiling. Irrigation Pump Drip Oil was specifically engineered with the goal of eliminating this profit-draining downtime problem. Its unique chemistry utilizes a proprietary additive package that will reduce or eliminate any accumulation of gums and varnishes. By keeping critical oil passages clean, the lubricating oil is free to flow as intended. Due to this custom-blended, high-performance lubricant, inadequate lubrication is eliminated, thus protecting expensive turbine irrigation pumps.

Over 96 years of lubrication experience has gone into engineering Irrigation Pump Drip Oil. Only the absolute best base stock oils and high-performance additives are utilized in the additive chemistry. Rigorous testing and quality control are a given when developing such a superior drip oil lubricant. There is one final step that this amazing drip oil goes through. During the packaging of this product, Irrigation Pump Drip Oil is put through a 10 micron filter. By implementing this final step, you’re guaranteed to be utilizing the absolutely cleanest drip oil lubricant in the industry. No other lubricant manufacturer does this. You can be assured that your turbine irrigation pump will be protected by the best and cleanest drip oil available anywhere.

Have you noticed during cold morning temperatures that your drip oil has stopped dripping? Have you noticed during the warm late afternoon that your drip oil is dripping faster than normal? To eliminate such problems during a busy season, the solution is to utilize a drip oil that maintains its viscosity during cold and warm weather. The only choice in solving this problem lies in utilizing Irrigation Pump Drip Oil. When you set the drip rate, you can be assured this oil will flow as you want regardless of temperatures. Irrigation Pump Drip Oil can offer three times less oil consumption as conventional pump drip oils.

The average usage for Irrigation Pump Drip Oil is as follows…

For 400 foot deep wells – configure the drip at 1 oil drop every 6 seconds, or 10 oil drops per minutes. Before cranking, let the oil run for approximately 2 minutes.

Rule of thumb – For every 100 feet of well, add 5 more oil drops per minute. Example: For a six-hundred foot deep well, the setting would be 20 oil drops per minute.