Injector Cleaner for Diesel Trucks


If you operate on-road or off-road gas or diesel heavy equipment, utilizing Injector Cleaner for Diesel Trucks is a very cost-effective and value-added way to reduce power-robbing deposits, increase fuel quality, lower emissions, and increase engine performance.

Helps Clean Fuel System

Due to the ever-changing quality of fuels available on the market today, heavy equipment manufacturers are seeing a trend towards increased fuel injector problems. Typically, in the past, varnished deposits were encountered on the tip of fuel injectors, but are now developing internally. This will cause sluggish engine performance, a shortening of fuel injector life, and a loss of power. This advanced and proprietary fuel treatment formula was designed to use in both gasoline and diesel injected engines. This fuel treatment is effective in keeping the fuel system clean, but also can clean deposit-filled fuel systems. For gas fuel injected motors that need to be cleaned, initially add one gallon of Injector Cleaner for Diesel Trucks to one hundred and twenty-five gallons of gas. After three tanks of fuel, your fuel system should be cleaned. Once the fuel system has been cleaned of deposits, Injector Cleaner for Diesel Trucks’s advanced additive package is still extremely effective at a much lower treat rate of one gallon of Injector Cleaner to four hundred gallons of gas. This high-quality fuel treatment’s advanced high-performance fuel additive package is extremely effective in helping maintain long term injector life and cleanliness for diesel engines. The typical treat rate for diesel motors is one gallon of Injector Cleaner to five hundred gallons of diesel fuel. Using this premium fuel treatment consistently at this treat rate will deliver superior performance in biodiesel fuels, ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels, and low sulfur diesel fuels.

Helps to Improve Fuel Mileage

One of the value-added benefits of using this quality fuel treatment is that it will clean dirty injectors and also maintain injector cleanliness. When injectors are clean, you can expect max combustion efficiency. When combustion efficiency is maintained through the use of this fuel conditioner, heavy equipment operators can expect an improvement of as much a 6.5% in fuel economy. When you consider using only 1 gallon of Injector Cleaner to five hundred gallons of diesel fuel or 1 gallon of Injector Cleaner to four hundred gallons of gas, this high-performance fuel conditioner turns out to be quite cost-effective and inexpensive to utilize. In fact, this top-notch fuel treatment fluid will, in fact, pay for itself through the gained fuel economy savings and cleaner running motors.

Help to Improve Lubricity

It is important to maintain lubrication in the upper cylinder and ring zone area of motors. This unique fuel treatment is formulated with high performance, top of the line special lubricity additives that meet and exceed the lubricity specifications of injector pump manufacturers. Injector Cleaner for Diesel Trucks is considered a heavy oil-based lubricant which differs from major brand fuel treatments that are alcohol-based, which will cause drying. The high-performance lubricity agents found in this fuel additive will go far in effectively protecting the injectors and fuel pump from unnecessary scuffing and wear. This unique fuel treatment formula will provide long term hassle-free operation to your upper cylinder areas, fuel pump, and injectors.

Helps Reduce Harmful Emissions

Worldwide there is a push towards reducing emissions. To that end, environmental and legislative requirements worldwide are pushing original equipment manufacturers to meet and exceed stringent environmental regulations. The push is towards efficiency in the operation of motors through top-notch performance while at the same time reducing and controlling emissions. This fuel improver utilizes state of the art chemistry to help equipment operators reduce harmful emissions. Performance tests have been conducted with vehicles using Injector Cleaner for Diesel Trucks. These tests have illustrated as high as a sixteen percent reduction in hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides by 1.7 percent, carbon monoxide by 19.7 percent, and particulates by eleven percent. This illustrates how effective this high-quality fuel treatment is in helping worldwide in the reduction of harmful emissions to the environment.

Improves Fuel Stability and Corrosion Protection

This fuel conditioner can provide added protection against harmful oxidation which helps maintain the stability of fuel and helps to reduce sludge, deposits, and filter plugging. This will lead to a reduction in operation costs and lower engine maintenance costs. Harmful corrosion of fuel system parts will undoubtedly boost up maintenance costs, reduce engine life, and be harmful to engine performance. Injector Cleaner for Diesel Trucks is formulated with advanced corrosion inhibitors. These high-performance corrosion inhibitors work in helping to guard fuel systems from corrosion and rust. This unique fuel treatment was tested utilizing the National Association of Corrosion Engineer’s Rust Test.

Helps Address Water Problems

This fuel treatment’s unique formula was created utilizing special additives that help deal with condensation that can build up and occur in vehicle fuel tanks and fuel storage tanks. A high-performance demulsifier has been blended in so as to prevent an emulsion formation from happening if excessive amounts of water exist within the fuel. By utilizing this special demulsifier, fuel flows freely and enables excessive free water to be removed from fuel storage tanks in routine maintenance. In-vehicle fuel tanks where fuel is constantly recirculated, this fuel additive will allow a specific level of moisture to be absorbed and safely burned with the engine fuel, thus maintaining the dryness of the vehicle fuel tank.