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OxyQuest is a unique formulation that contains two of the most common and critical electrolytes in body fluid, sodium and chloride. By utilizing these two components, they act as carriers for oxygen. This oxygen molecule is released via the digestion process, then later absorbed into the bloodstream. OxQuest has a 13.4 pH for a dilutable alkaline source. It has been found that OxyQuest may be the only oxygen supplementation in a liquid form that maintains stability *. Having over 12,000 ppms of oxygen molecules illustrates its high concentration. Through analysis, in comparison with the same volume of tap water, the Immune Tree OxyQuest contains 1,000 times more oxygen. Due to its 13.4 pH, this alkaline based product has negative charged electrolytes of oxygen that may help in neutralizing some of the acids found in our body *. The fact that it is non toxic and contains negative charged ions of oxygen means it will not create free radical activity *.

Some of the potential benefits that Immune Tree OxyQuest may offer, though research is still ongoing, could be as follows *:

  • the potential to support a healthy immune system *
  • may help to support a healthy respiratory function *
  • research shows promise in helping maintain healthy energy levels *
  • through its 13.4 pH level, there is hope in supporting the body’s balanced pH *
  • it may help in the utilization of nutrients within the body *
  • ongoing research shows interesting potential in maintaining healthy mental acuity *


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