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Immune Tree Colostrum6; 90 Capsules per bottle

Immune Tree Colostrum6; 180 Capsules per bottle

Immune Tree Colostrum powder that is sealed within Kosher/Halal certified gelatin capsules. Consuming 3 capsules of Immune Tree Colostrum two times daily will give your body 3,000 mg worth of Colostrum6. Immune Tree Colostrum6 is a foundation whole food and has more than 700 components that may naturally stabilize and rejuvenate the body *. Colostrum 6 is a natural supplement that might help support a healthy immune system *.

Anti aging isn’t just about living longer, it’s about maximizing vitality throughout all of your years. Implementing preventative health measures are excellent ways for us to take control of our health, and can increase our chance of having a high quality of life. The goal is to be self sufficient, where even in old age, we don’t need anyone to take care of us.

Colostrum 6 harbors natural biological essential factors ( metabolic,immune, growth) that may offer stronger support each year that you age *. Colostrum could help suppress appetite, which might be beneficial for those on weight loss diets *. It may provide support to a healthy liver.  *

Easily absorbs for increased bio availability. This vitamin supplement contains natural chymosin, also known as rennin, a proteolytic enzyme. Its function is to protect the Colostrum against stomach acids and to help facilitate a higher absorption rate.*

Immune Tree Colostrum 6 is derived from grass fed cows. The cow colostrum is certified 6 hour pure, raw, organic colostrum.
Immune Tree Colostrum 6 is derived from grass fed cows. The cow colostrum is certified 6 hour pure, raw, organic colostrum.


Colostrum6 capsules are derived from happy grass fed cows. They are free from any kind of pesticides, growth hormones, and any other artificial ingredients. This bovine colostrum offers only Mother Nature’s historical 1st essential whole food. This pure, raw, organic certified 6 hour cow colostrum contains the following features: Nano strength, tested organic & raw, gluten free, metabolic factors, anti aging factors, immune factors, and essential factors.*

Immune Tree Colostrum has all the natural vitality components that may lend support to a healthy body and immune system.*

  • May support the body’s immune system*
  • May aid in supporting a healthy digestive system*
  • May support nutritional absorption rate*
  • Could support a natural healthy energy level*
  • Colostrum may provide support in maintaining an active lifestyle.*

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