Immune Tree Colostrum Lozenges, Pineapple Flavor

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Immune Tree Colostrum Lozenges, Pineapple Flavor; 130 Tablets

Immune Tree Colostrum is now available with a great tasting twist of pineapple flavor. These tablets of cow colostrum are a certified 6 hour Colostrum6 supplement. It is another convenient and flavorful way to add colostrum and all its potential benefits that may help support a healthy body *.

You may ask, what exactly is colostrum? This bovine 6 hour colostrum is the premilk liquid that is sourced from the baby calf mother’s mammary glands between zero to six hours after the calf is born. Importantly, the baby calf is provided with the mother’s cow colostrum which contains 700+ health-supporting essential immune and growth factors. Before any colostrum is taken to create Immune Tree’s Colostrum6, the health of the baby calf is taken care of first. Immune Tree Colostrum Pineapple Flavor Tablets are cold-pressed when manufactured. The cow colostrum is independently certified to be pure, raw, organic cow colostrum. The bovine colostrum that Immune Tree utilizes in all its colostrum products is devoid of any herbicides, antibiotics, or any use of synthetic hormones. Immune Tree Colostrum is never subjected to the use of chemical defatting agents.

An important process in preparing the cow colostrum for use as a powder, capsule, or tablet is that it is spray dried at a very low 150 degrees F to maintain its important bioactivity. Immune Tree Colostrum Pineapple Lozenges will provide you with 169% of the daily requirements of Vitamin C. Additionally, it contains 3% of lactotransferrin, which is a multi-functional protein. Also, in the nutritional makeup of Colostrum6, there is 25% total Immunoglobulins, which is a class of proteins. Immunoglobulins are any type of protein present in the cells of the immune system which may function as a sort of antibody. Next, there is 24% proline rich polypeptides, which have shown possible efficacy against various conditions *. By ingesting two times per day, Colostrum6 Pineapple Tablets can provide 1800mg of colostrum. These great tasting pineapple flavored colostrum tablets can absorb easily for potentially better bio availability *. This may be accomplished due to the utilization of natural chymosin. Another name that it is know by is rennin, which acts as a proteolytic enzyme. The goal for this enzyme is to try and bypass stomach producing acids which hopefully may result in a better absorption rate. Again, another natural way rather than a synthetic way which may help support one’s healthy immune system *.

Immune Tree Colostrum Pineapple Flavor Lozenges is an excellent resource for energy, metabolic, growth, and immune system factors *. By taking these pineapple flavored tablets every day, there is potential in helping support your body’s health cells in your hair, skin, joints, bones, and organs *.

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